The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light ending explained

October 1, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix anime film The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light, so it will contain spoilers.

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The film begins with a montage of all seven powers, introducing characters and a small insight into what had previously happened. Then we cut to the Demon Realm, where creatures/demons are being slaughtered. The giant forge master Dubs and the second king of fairies Dahlia are there in battle claiming revenge.

Cut to Meliodas and Elixabeht on Earth, reminiscing about good times and declaring they wish to be married and wanting a “fresh start.” Now the war is over.

At the castle, the couple decides to go traveling before they are married and Meliodas is made king. On their travels, they find Zeldris, who is trying to catch Earth Fish. A demon falls through to Earth and tells them of the attack on the Demon Realm.

Cut to a montage of the characters known as “the seven deadly sins” – powerful images of them all standing together. United again.

We are then taken to the Fair Kings Forrest, where Master Harley Quinn is having a paddy because he wants his wedding to be perfect. After he is calmed we head back to the demon realm, where the demons decide to come back to earth.

Giants and fairies begin to break down the village walls and attack the villagers. The phrase “the seven deadly sins have ruined the holy war” is repeated and everyone tries to decipher what this means. Everyone is scared and perplexed.

Zeldris, Meliodas, Gilda, and Elizbeth go to the Demon Realm to investigate, only to be attacked by Dahlia and Dubs.  Zeldris gets badly injured and Meliodas and Elizbeth are captured and locked in a magical space by Dubs.

While Zeldris, the new Demon King, rallied his armies to save his brother, back in Britannia, hordes of fairies and giants began to attack the holy knights and the remaining Sins, including destroying King and Diane’s wedding. King and Ban soon realize that these armies have been enchanted. 

Back to Demon Realm, Meliodas and Zeldris fight Dahlia and Dubs yet again, and this time, they are victorious. However, they soon realize that Dahlia and Dubs were part of a bigger game-plan. 

The King of the fairies comes in to stop all the giants and fairies, whilst protecting himself and his bride as they are ruining his wedding. He’s able to break the spell by taking all their weapons off them. Showing they are bewitched by weaponry. They have no choice, the wedding reception is now on hold.

Cut to Liones where the castle is still being attacked and they have broken through.

Back to Demon World Dahlia and Dubs are to be poisoned, which goes wrong.

Cut to Lord Mael protecting the celestial realm. Saying there is no need to hate the demon race. He is informed there is a new mission.

Back to the demon Realm. Prince Zeldras stands in front of all the Demons, and he confesses he wants to be the new Demon King, to bring peace to the worlds, and asks for their help to rescue his brother. 

Netflix anime film The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light ending explained

One giant battle commences. Dahlia and Dubs are defeated and everyone agrees they couldn’t have pulled this off themselves, and someone else must have helped them. The Supreme Deity reveals herself to the Sins and the holy knights back in Liones, where she claims that they have to be destroyed for ending the holy war. As she explained, the only way to harmony was through eternal conflict. However, all the clans had grown weary of bloodshed. After saving the Demon Realm, the Sins try to fight her but seem to be losing until Meliodas and Zeldris join them. After a powerful speech from Elixabeht, the fight continues and The Supreme is defeated. The age of the Gods is over. 

The film ends with Meliodas and Elixabeht’s wedding; a very happy occasion. Medlidas sits with his brother and they exchange well wishes. 

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