On My Block season 4, episode 4 recap – reuniting in unexpected ways

October 4, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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The Core Four reunite in the most unexpected of ways.

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The Core Four reunite in the most unexpected of ways.

This recap of Netflix’s On My Block season 4, episode 4 contains spoilers. 

On My Block season 4, episode 4 recap

In the beginning of episode 4, Monse wakes up to the disappointment of not being able to attend Mayfield. She was upset that her dad knew for months, despite losing his job, but he could have told her and she would have sought out scholarships or grants rather than finding out that she would be stuck in Freeridge at the last minute. Unfortunately for her, she receives a call for the LAPD and has an unexpected reunion with the rest of the guys.

“I can’t believe not one of you called me,” she says, which sets Jamal off as he mentions “cause last thing I heard from you, you said I called you too much.” It’s clear he was waiting to get that off his chest and at least he’s free. The group bickers as usual but Jamal still has some animosity towards Monse. Ruby freaks out over the prospect of potentially going to jail, even though none of them know why they are at the police station. 

Monse is first in the detectives, going in with the Bigfoot story with Cesar and Ruby following suit in the made-up story. And of course, Jamal being his quirky self was able to keep them on track. As they all leave the station, Jamal requests a thank you from everyone because the Bigfoot tale got them out of the station, he continues to throw jabs at Monse who still seems to be confused. Jamal, being Jamal, mentions that he will re-trigger himself as he explains the situation, how she told Sherry he was a weird eight year old. Except, she confesses that she wasn’t talking about him but her lab teacher but Jamal still isn’t buying it and exposes that she’s back in Freeridge in front of Cesar and Ruby. In a bid to defend her, Cesar tells Jamal to ‘ease up’ and how it’s been two years and it’s like “water under the bridge”. Only for Jamal to retaliate “like the water under the bridge that washed or stole our money”, throwing it back in Cesar’s face. They all leave the station and stop talking to each other.

Cesar is in the back of a police car with an officer who was working for Cuchillos, who mentions that he’s looking out for him and that he needs to watch his back. Instead, we find out that Officer Hammel is in contact with Oscar, who is looking out for his brother. Oscar still blames himself for bringing Cesar into the lifestyle that could possibly get him killed. It’s just nice to know that Oscar still cares for Cesar but maybe just needs to let him make his own mistakes — after all, he doesn’t listen to his brother.

Monse and Jamal are still going through their rough patch, she found out that she’s been blocked by Jamal after calling him multiple times and asks “so you’d rather let our friendship die than have one uncomfortable conversation?” It seems like maybe Monse is actually upset because of the lack of communication between them. Now, Jamal is contemplating whether he should actually sit down and have that conversation. Instead, he pays Jasmine a visit to advocate on Ruby’s behalf, mentioning how lovesick he is and that it’s driving him crazy. Jasmine instantly picked up that he’s talking about how Ruby is annoying him and not that he actually cares about their relationship. He admits that he’s foisting on her and wants them to get back together. They both end up talking about Ruby and Monse. Jamal learns that Monse changed as she gave Jasmine advice about putting herself first and not seeing herself. Taking Monse’s advice, Jasmine dishes it back to Jamal and tells him “maybe you and Monse needed to break up to appreciate each other’s friendship?” After all, it’s Christmas time and maybe they should give one another a second chance?

Their heart-to-heart conversation between Jamal and Jasmine was one of the most enjoyable parts of the episode, hence my 5 stars. Jamal reveals that the butt dial changed the trajectory of his life, he’s living his best life. He mentioned that he was always in his comfort zone and never branched out and once he did, he discovered new interests, different parts of his personality and realized that if he never ‘canceled’ Monse, he wouldn’t have evolved. In agreement, Jasmine mentions that “you can’t evolve without conflict”, realizing that she can’t get back together with Ruby or she’ll never evolve.

Now, they become friends and vow to never let Ruby know about their newfound friendship after spending parts of the holidays together. And now Monse is in a dilemma, with her stepfather wanting to pay for her to go back to Mayfield and I just can’t imagine how the conversation might go down with her dad. Also, it’s not On My Block without some drama. Cesar texts everyone, notifying them that Bigfoot has been ID’d.

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1 thought on “On My Block season 4, episode 4 recap – reuniting in unexpected ways

  • October 9, 2021 at 6:04 am

    I think there is just enough flashbacks to fill the gaps without taking up to much of the Epsidoe time.

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