Only Murders in the Building season 1, episode 8 recap – “Fan Fiction”

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 5, 2021
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Hulu series Only Murders in the Building season 1, episode 8 - Fan Fiction


There are more twists and turns as everything seems too easy for the true-crime podcasters.

This recap of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building season 1, episode 8, “Fan Fiction,” contains spoilers.

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When everything is too easy, be suspicious. It is a bit like the final season of Goliath when Billy realizes something is not adding up. Unfortunately, for our characters in this series, their inexperience is showing.

Only Murders in the Building season 1, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with an eager fan of the podcast named Sam narrating. He’s outside with a group of fans outside the apartment block. They are all annoyed there has not been an episode for a week.

It then flits to Theo, bringing Oliver and Mabel to Teddy after kidnapping them. Teddy is concerned that the podcast talks about his illegal jewelry business and claims they don’t know s**t about Tim Kono. He gives them a death threat, telling them to record their final podcast episode.

Oliver and Mabel tell Charles that they received a death threat from Teddy — things are now serious. Jan, who is now seemingly in the podcast group, reveals that she and Charles went through Tim’s phone, showing that Teddy kept Tim quiet. So, the podcast team meets Detective Williams — she’s submitted a toxicology report to the forensic team to help out. She tells the podcast team that she wants to know “the who, the how, the why, and the why now.” It’s all very official.

Back at the apartment, Oscar brings new evidence. He tells the team that Zoe’s ring was sold to Tim before he died, so they are confused about how they couldn’t find it in his apartment. Outside, the fans tell Oliver that there cannot be one suspect due to logistics. Oliver invites the fans in, and they turn out to be helpful. Oliver wants to roleplay the scenario from that night with the fans, with Theo being the murderer after Tim learned about Teddy’s illegal jewelry business. Jan tries to contribute, raising another suspect, but Oliver obviously does not want her there. She leaves, but when she gets to her apartment, there’s a note on the door that says, “I’m watching you.”

The podcasters record their final episode in front of the fans — it’s about Theo and Teddy, and it concludes how they are responsible for Tim’s death. Detective Williams heads to their apartment to arrest the pair. The podcasters celebrate, believing they’ve solved a murder. Mabel shows a video from Tim to Oscar – he’s apologizing to him.

The ending

As the episode ends, Detective Williams rings Oliver thanking him, but then, she receives the toxicology report — Tim was killed by poison before he was shot. She also has a timestamped photo from the night proving that Teddy and Theo were not near the crime scene before Tim was killed. There’s still a murder in the building. Jan may have been right, there is another suspect. Charles feels guilty and visits Jan, but when he visits the apartment, something is wrong — she’s on the floor, and she’s bled heavily.

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