Truth Be Told season 2, episode 9 recap – “Brick by Brick It Also Falls”

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 15, 2021
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Apple TV plus series Truth Be Told season 2, episode 9 - Brick by Brick It Also Falls


This story needs to end, but luckily the next chapter is the finale.

This recap of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told season 2, episode 9, “Brick by Brick It Also Falls,” contains spoilers.

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Truth be told, I can’t wait for this season to end. It’s so audaciously lazy.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 9 recap

Episode 9 begins with Micah visiting Rose in the hospital, and she sits next to her bedside while she sleeps. When Rose wakes up, she tells her to tell the truth. Micah tells Rose to tell Poppy that she was mistaken, and the pair argue about who the story belongs to. Micah believes that the truth is bigger than both of them because thousands of women need her. At the end of the conversation, Micah offers her a place to start a new life in exchange for her silence.

When Micah gets to work, she learns there was a board meeting without her. She confronts Ivy, who tells her that the board is moving to replace her with herself. Micah wants to test people’s loyalty — her or Ivy. Meanwhile, Poppy keeps going after Micah on the podcast and then visits Rose in the hospital before she is discharged.  Rose shows the photo of the man who threatened Josh before he was killed. Poppy offers Rose shelter elsewhere, but she reacts angrily, believing everyone is using her. Noa and Poppy learn that the man from the photo is Martin, from the Russian group mentioned at the start of the series (yes, that’s still a storyline).

As for the lawsuit by Alana Cave, Poppy’s lawyer tells her that she’s about to go to trial, and he wants to know if she can go deep after recent podcast revelations. She may have to sell the house to fight it. Poppy explains that it hasn’t been her house since Owen Cave killed himself in it.

Poppy and Noa meet someone who is associated with Martin — they ask him what happened the night he was initiated. The man says Martin did not show up, which means he didn’t have an alibi the night Josh was murdered.

At a Shelter session, Micah asks Ivy to speak first to undermine her, so Ivy tries to lead. Micah then enters the fray of the conversation and explains how she has received death threats, so she burns the letters as a way of making herself free. Poppy then turns up to the session, so Micah asks the audience if they believe her to prove a point to Poppy. All the women stand up and state that they believe her.

Poppy is still dealing with her past in episode 9 — she opens up to family regarding the abuse she suffered at the hands of Shirley. Shreves senses it may have been his fault, so he walks off angry in the family meeting. Later on, Shreve asks Poppy if she believes that he is her father, which is a rather strange, direct question. Shreve explains that Shirley never forgave him for leaving her, so Poppy wonders if Shirley took her rage out on her, but Shreve claims he had no idea that she was suffering.

The ending

When Poppy returns home, she remembers the night Owen killed himself. She calls her lawyer and says she does not want to go to trial and asks him to settle the lawsuit. She feels Alana deserves peace and closure and is willing to sell her house to settle.

As the episode closes out, Poppy remembers her conversation with her father, so she goes to see him at the bar, but initially, he isn’t there. When she gets there, Martin finds her and angrily confronts her. He tells her to stop running her mouth, or Shreve will go to jail before attacking her. Shreve turns up and stabs him but then unnecessarily stabs him repeatedly to kill him. Poppy is shaken, but Shreve promises that he is not going back to jail.

I’m sorry, but why on earth would he keep stabbing him? Defend your daughter, obviously, but this again is terrible writing.

Additional points

  • Sherese’s daughter randomly turns up at the bar with a gang — Markus and company are shocked and immediately try to look after her. Shreve talks to one of the men outside. Shreve is dismayed that this happened in his neighborhood.

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