Stuck Together ending explained – did the residents persevere the lockdown?

October 20, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Stuck Together, and it will contain spoilers.

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Throughout the Netflix film, Stuck Together centers on the pandemic, scoping in on a group of residents in the same apartment block living in Paris. So, of course, the French cool vibe is evident immediately, and the film gives a comedic perspective of life in lockdown.

The Parisians struggle with plenty of issues ranging from an overly cautious husband and a disassociating wife, a childhood crush, a young couple trying to maintain their social media influence lifestyle and a mad scientist trying to create a cure for the virus (this was perhaps the most irritating part of the film).

There is no real story arc; the residents go through the motions of lockdown life, engaging with the trials and tribulations that it brings. We can all remember at the middle of the significant lockdowns the frustrations, whether it was born from loneliness or spending way too much time with your loved ones. Stuck Together does try and encapsulate that, but the performative comedy does kind of dismantle the message somewhat. That is, until the ending.

Netflix film Stuck Together ending explained

The end signals togetherness. Stuck Together reminds audiences of the true human connections that the global event brought. Throughout the tragedy of the pandemic, we were reminded as a human collective that we are capable of helping each other through hard times. Marriages were resolved, and the mad scientist storyline dissipated, but perhaps more importantly, the community of residents banded together when one of their own suffered a loss of a loved one. Each residents shows a banner in their apartment window, highlighting their support, bringing fond reminders from the lockdowns when neighbours came together to heal and support.

While Stuck Together is limited in its story range, the ending was at least emotional, and it’s a tribute to what we experience, so there is a small saving grace for a wholly underwhelming film.

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