Hypnotic ending explained – does Jenn escape Dr Meade’s hypnosis?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2021
Netflix film Hypnotic ending explained starring Kate Siegel

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix thriller film Hypnotic, and it will contain spoilers.

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Hypnotic is an easy-to-watch thriller film on Netflix starring horror star Kate Siegel. Kate plays Jenn Thompson, a woman that has recruited the help of therapist Dr. Collin Meade (played by Jason O’Mara). The therapist abuses his profession and places Jenn under hypnotherapy. He uses this technique to control women with similar features, and in many cases (as we learn later in the film), it has led to death.

As the Netflix film progresses, we navigate a dark, murky world of conspiratorial therapy, with Jenn having to find a way to escape Dr. Meade’s hypnosis.

Netflix film Hypnotic ending explained

As the film enters the last phase, with Jenn grieving over the deaths of her best friends at the hands of Dr. Meade, she and Detective Wade Rollins (played by Dulé Hill) need to find a way to take down the therapist. Jenn learns about a man named Dr. Xavier Sullivan, who worked on the CIA project MKUltra. She discovers that he’s possibly Meade’s mentor, and she finds his house.

Before heading to the house, Jenn visits another therapist who puts her under hypnotherapy. They learn that Dr. Meade has placed fail-safes in the likelihood that Jenn seeks hypnotherapy from another therapist. Her new therapist creates a counter trigger for Jenn — it’s planted for the audience to keep in mind as the events unfold. 

Jenn heads to Xavier Sullivan’s house, but she sees photos of Meade and his wife. Meade is also there. Xavier was not just his mentor, but his father too. Meade immediately tells Jennifer to sleep, and because she’s still under his spell, she collapses instantly. When she wakes up, she rings Detective Wade, and he assumes she’s at Meade’s office. 

Dr. Meade makes it known that he wants Jenn all to himself and tells her to wake up. She’s in a red dress (presumably worn by his wife). It’s clear at this point that Dr. Meade wanted to divert Detective Wade to buy himself time. Jenn is in paralysis and cannot move. Meade makes her aware that he is trying to replace his wife by planting memories in Jenn’s mind. This man has become so desperate with his grief that it’s manifested into evil. 

Detective Wade finally makes it to the house, and Meade hears him enter, so he leaves Jenn in the bedroom to deal with him. Eventually, Wade and Mead find each other, and it’s a violent fight. Jenn manages to get out of her entrapment, and she uses a gun to shoot at Dr. Meade. 

However, in another twist, it turns out Dr. Meade has hypnotized Jenn to make him look like Wade — she shot the real Wade. We then see a flashback of Jenn with her new therapist — while under hypnotherapy, she tells Jenn that when Meade calls her “my love,” she needs to ignore that trigger. Meade calls Jenn “my love,” so Jenn now sees that Wade is Meade, so she attacks him. She then finds Wade, who is suffering from a gunshot wound. Jenn grabs the gun and shoots Meade until he’s dead. 

Hypnotic ends with Jenn visiting Brian in the hospital, and he’s still in a coma. She apologizes to him and admits she’s at fault for the breakdown of their relationship after she suffered from a stillborn birth. Jenn has a career and seems happy now. The film closes on a humorous tone as Detective Wade gives her a CD so she can practice self-hypnosis to help her sleep. 

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