Love Hard ending explained – does Natalie find her match?

November 5, 2021 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
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This article explains the ending of the Netflix film Love Hard and will contain spoilers. 

In Love Hard, LA writer Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev) believes she’s found her perfect match. She’s so convinced that she travels 3,000 miles to surprise him for Christmas, to find out that she has been catfished! But, needing an article for her editor, she decides to stay. Her catfish Josh (played by Jimmy O. Yang) knows the man that he stole his identity from (Tag – played by Darren Barnet), and in a deal, he asks Natalie to pretend to be his girlfriend to his loving family, and in return, he will help her woo Tag. It feels like the ideal deal, but nothing is ever simple in a romantic comedy.

Eventually, the family and Tag find out the truth — that Josh and Natalie have been lying the whole time at “the most wonderful time of the year.” All hope looks lost for romance.

Netflix film Love Hard ending explained

However, the embarrassment of both characters brings clarity. With Josh completely ashamed in front of his family, he finds the courage to tell his father that he no longer wants to work with the family business. He wants to create candles instead. He’s good at it, and Natalie made him realize that. As for Natalie, she returns to LA and has found perspective with her dating life. She writes her story for the publication and talks about the importance of authenticity and “being yourself.” While at this moment, she doesn’t believe she has met her match, she understands what she is looking for. She realized she’s also been lying, and judging Josh was an oversight; she has self-analyzed her behaviors. Natalie tries to adjust for the men she dates rather than finding the man she’s compatible with.

But the question is — does Natalie find her match? Well, it appears that writing about her experiences resonated. She decides to open up the dating app again, and she sees Josh, but this time as himself. Earlier in the film, Natalie points out the many positives Josh brings, including his physical features. She tells him to be himself, and next time to create a profile that is not fake. It’s incredibly endearing that his profile says he is a “Candle Maker.”

In a romantic ending, Natalie heads to Josh’s family home at the heart of the Christmas holidays. In true Love Actually fashion, she uses cardboard cutouts to tell Josh that in recent events, she failed to see the one person she could find “love with, actually,” referring to Josh. Natalie and Josh kiss, and it’s a beautiful ending for a great story that centers on being authentic.

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