The Morning Show season 2, episode 8 recap – “Confirmations”

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 5, 2021
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Apple TV plus series The Morning Show season 2, episode 8 - Confirmations


This is possibly the most impactful episode in season 2 as UBA has to deal with sensitive news.

This recap of Apple TV+s The Morning Show season 2, episode 8, “Confirmations,” contains spoilers.

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We already knew that the last episode was going to have severe ramifications. Episode 8 is fast-paced and hectic. It shows the true nature of news television of being “the first.”

The Morning Show season 2, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with Cory confronting Stella about “feelings.” He lets her know that caring about other people is not relevant for this company, and they need to be self-serving (which is ironic once we understand the rest of this chapter). Meanwhile, Chip is still fretting about Alex (who we know was in Italy). He leaves her an angry voicemail for disappearing. The disappearance of Alex is stressing Chip and causing a rift with his fiance.

Bradley wants to see Laura before the show. She apologizes to her and reveals she’s set up boundaries with her brother. Laura tells Bradley there isn’t a simple fix for their situation, and there isn’t time to talk about it before The Morning Show starts. It will be interesting to see how this couple figures out their relationship. Maybe the downfall of Mitch will help soften the blow.

Mitch’s car accident has immediate repercussions for UBA. During a meeting, an Italian journalist rings Cory, Stella and colleagues — he reveals that Mitch is dead and wants a comment. They want to verify that he’s dead; Cory tells Stella to get Alex back as soon as possible — he wants her to report it. Stella reveals the news to Mia — they need to be the first one to report it, so Mia demands her staff to find two confirmations. Mia speaks to Chip about the rumour of Mitch’s death. She insists that he gets Alex back. Chip pretends to be Alex Levy and rings the bank. He learns her recent transactions were in Italy. It’s strange to see how news outlets work — it’s less about the death and more about breaking it first.

On a break, Mia rounds up the studio staff about the rumours that Mitch died in a car accident. She tells everyone to stay quiet until there are confirmations. She reminds the team that Mitch was a human being with a family. It’s a strange piece of news for the team, who will be conflicted with sadness and the anger that Mitch left in his wake.

Chip rings a hospital where Mitch was supposedly present. He believes Alex was in the hospital, based on the unhelpful information. He marches into Cory’s office, and he reveals that he thinks Alex is dead. He’s jumped assumptions based on the phone call at the hospital. Mia gets a call from someone confirming that Mitch is dead. She needs a second confirmation before she can run the breaking news. Meanwhile, Cory and Chip learn that Alex booked a flight back to the USA, so they need to know if she landed.

While live on The Morning Show, Bradley learns that her brother Hal has shown up. He’s drunk and high. Bradley gets Hal a coffee, tells him to “shut the f**k up”, and reveals Mitch may have died. Laura turns up, and Hal says, “oh, that’s your girlfriend”, and then asks if Mitch killed himself. It’s awkward for Bradley as Hal is making a scene. More colleagues gather around as Hal starts trashing the kitchen, and security is called. As Hal is dragged out, Bradley’s eyes fill with tears. In the dressing room, Laura comforts her and tells Bradley that it is her life and she may need to walk away from her brother. Laura cares about Bradley, and it shows in this scene.

Chip heads to the airport, and Alex Levy gets off the plane. He’s so relieved and hugs her. Chip breaks the news to her that Mitch is rumoured to be dead. Alex is in disbelief and confused and asks for Chip’s phone. She rings Paola to confirm. Paola makes the second confirmation — Mitch is dead. It’s a numbing moment, and Alex is completely heartbroken. Alex wants to tell Mitch’s family, and she rings Mia with the second confirmation; she wants Paige to know before it’s revealed on The Morning Show.

The angry tension between Chip and Alex remains and they end up arguing on the way to Paige’s place after Alex plays Chip’s angry voicemail. They tell each other how much they hate each other, but there words are more clouded with confused grief. There are so many emotions boxed in this scene. It demonstrates how grief is a strange thing.

The ending

Alex sees Paige at her family home and reveals that Mitch was in a car accident and died. Paige thanks Alex for breaking the news to her, but she doesn’t want to talk to her. Paige knows about her relationship with Mitch and tells Alex that she’s sorry for her loss. This scene shows the lack of self-awareness that Alex has. She had a secret intimate relationship with Mitch, yet used to act completely normal in front of Mitch’s wife, Paige. Alex has no idea the pain she has caused. Paige is right — maybe Alex and Mitch are the same person.

After this devastating moment, Alex tells Mia she’s good to go. She then tells Bradley to break the news as she’s the right person to do this as she was the start of the change. Alex offers her appreciation to Bradley. And so, Bradley breaks the news that Mitch has died on The Morning Show. It’s an honest account of Mitch’s time, from success to the recent controversy. And now breathe!

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