Swap Shop season 1 review – quirky series showcasing how to trade

November 9, 2021
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Someone else’s trash is someone else’s gold, and this show shows you how to figure out which is which.

Netflix reality show Swap Shop season 1 was released on the streaming service on November 9, 2021.

This series is based on Rogersville’s radio show called Swap Shop. Produced by Rob Shaftel and Jerry Carita, the radio show has been active for decades and is still popular amongst people wanting to find a cracking deal. This series has 6 episodes and each episode runs for around 28-33 minutes. If you’re someone into your auctions, unique buying and selling shows, and general interest in the quirky artifacts and objects people collect, this show will be for you. 

This show has an interesting concept, something I’ve not heard of or come across before. It has its charm being through a radio station, rather than Facebook Marketspace or many other online retail shopping sites. However, it does become a little repetitive and boring after the first couple of episodes. The format in each episode is the same so you can predict what’s going to happen. It isn’t something to binge, but something to put on here and there.

They sell everything from cars to comics, and the amount of detail does give you a real insight into how trading works. On the radio show, the item and the owner’s phone number are put onto the air and… let the frenzies begin. Very trusting; it is fun and nice to see there is a community out there who are comfortable and safe enough to do this. The cast is easy to watch, they have good banter and some heartfelt moments. 

One thing I do like about America is their ‘yard sales’, I know we have stalls and car boots but there’s something about being able to openly sell all your old possessions in your front garden. Let’s face it, in the UK, it would all probably get stolen. How they’ll dramatically pull over their car and go barter with the homeowners is exciting. Up-cycling is on-trend at the moment, and here you can see people buying, up-cycling, and selling for a profit. You might learn a lot and get some hints and tips on how to sell and trade items, which may come in handy. 

Whilst this show is insightful, I wasn’t captivated enough to want a second season. Easy to watch, good to have on in the background, or if you don’t want to think too hard. I’d recommend it if you like shows such as Storage Wars and Pawn Stars or if you’re interested in history. 

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