Gentefied season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 10, 2021 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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Netflix Gentefied season 2, episode 8 - No Human Is Illegal - the ending explained


The finale of season 2 is essential — it reminds the audience of the immigration courts system in America while also binding the importance of this family. 

This recap of Netflix’s Gentefied season 2, episode 8, “No Human Is Illegal,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

There’s a lot of anxiety leading into the finale of Gentefied season 2. Centering the story is Pop’s ongoing battle with the USA immigration system. The story has been compelling with its presentation of “the undocumented.” So did Pop win?

Gentefied season 2, episode 8 recap

But before we get into whether or not Pop won his right to stay in America, let’s first focus on the relationship between Lidia and Erik. They’ve struggled in season 2. Bringing a child into the world and moving away from family has placed a lot of strain on their relationship. But, they love each other despite their noticeable annoyances. This is a couple that is determined to make things work. With the couple’s therapy and space, Erik and Lidia raised how much they want their future to work. So, what does Erik do? He proposes marriage. Expect season 3 to explore the next phase of their relationship. There is a slight doubt left for the audience; is getting married a fix? It might be for this couple, but it’s not always the way to cover up the cracks.

As for Ana, she’s also conflicted. After spending most of season 2 yearning for her ex, while enjoying sexual time with her new boss, she has also embarked on a lucrative artistic career with Nike. After a recent rekindling with her ex Yessika, it turns out they are not ready to be together again. Yessika needs to know herself first, but Ana is understanding. This romance is far from over. There was brief stress for Ana in the finale as her latest artwork for Nike compromised her father’s position in his immigration case.

But Yessika is not the only one that needs to find themselves. Chris is also making a courageous choice to go out alone and discover who he truly is. He decides to make amends with his new flame Sarai before heading to New Mexico City to work with a world-class chef. Meanwhile, Sarai will be launching her restaurant, presumably waiting for him. There could be complications here yet.

The ending

But, in the end, the story rightfully focuses on Pop and his important day in court, with a judge that is routinely strict on “the undocumented.” Fortunately, during the court session, his petition for a visa was submitted, which bought him time, and the celebrations say everything — he has been given a visa until he can get his green card.

While this was a great ending, it’s important to note that much of this series has seen the family figure themselves out with Pop’s immigration status pending. However, what was sweet about the season 2 ending was that the family decided to make pivotal decisions regardless of the outcome. That’s all Pop wanted—the best for his family. 

What did you think of Gentefied season 2, episode 8, and ending?

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