The Great season 2, episode 2 recap – “D******d”

November 19, 2021
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Episode 2 shows the challenges facing Catherine in a brilliant continuation so far.

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Episode 2 shows the challenges facing Catherine in a brilliant continuation so far.

This recap of Hulu’s The Great season 2, episode 2, “D******d,” contains spoilers.

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With the new dynamic between Peter and Catherine in place, episode 2 explores whether it has a chance of working. In true comedic style, the cracks are beginning to appear already. Episode 2 shows the challenges facing Catherine in a brilliant continuation so far.

The Great season 2, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with Catherine looking at Leo’s grave. Archbishop applauds Catherine for her victory in the hope he can still be in partnership with her. He wants to look at her situation regarding her Coronation in front of the Russian church; he wonders who she will replace him with as he’s the most progressive clerk. Catherine accepts she doesn’t have anyone to replace him with, but she will. It’s clear — Catherine is ready to lead.

Peter is enjoying palace house arrest; he tells Aunt Elizabeth that he’s embracing self-improvement. He then reveals he is attending the Coronation so he can pass the crown. Elizabeth tells Peter that Elizabeth has a high chance of miscarriage and reminds him that if she doesn’t carry his child, the bloodline is gone. Elizabeth wants to get Catherine to love him, so they make many babies. You can’t fault Aunt Elizabeth; she’s keeping strategic.

Catherine, Orlo, and Velementov have their first agenda together, and they are excited. Orlo raises how she is safe until the baby is born, so they must act fast and show Catherine as a great leader. Catherine lists plenty of progressive laws, but Orlo is annoyed that they can’t kill Archbishop. Catherine raises how they can’t go to the Coronation with a dead patriarchy.

Peter is annoyed that Catherine didn’t show up for breakfast, so he goes to get her. He asks what she’d change about him, and Catherine raises his thirst for violence. Peter then reveals he’s going to the Coronation, but Catherine insists he isn’t going. She tells Velementov and his guards to keep Peter as a prisoner as she’s annoyed that he isn’t following the rules. This already isn’t working this new dynamic, and it makes brilliant television.

Catherine accepts nobles to visit her to give her feedback on what they’d like from the country. One of the visitors is killed by Orlo and Velementov; they have a list of people they know disagree with them and will be killed on sight. Catherine hates this idea because, of course, she’s progressive. Another visitor disrespects Catherine, so she orders Velementov to kill him, but the Archbishop asks the visitor to kneel. Catherine is irritated that every visitor has nothing to offer Russia, and it’s all about “I want, I want, I want.” She’s got an arduous task at hand to lead this country.

Peter gives Catherine a gift and continues to break boundaries. Catherine raises how she doesn’t want it to look like he gave her Russia. Peter explains that he avoided civil war for Russia and that God chose him. He wants to protect her from royalists at the Coronation.

The ending

As we reach the end of episode 2, the Coronation begins, and Peter does attend. The Archbishop leads the ceremony. He calls her “Catherine The Great,” which surprises Peter — he thinks the name is arrogant. Peter gives Catherine the crown — she’s officially the Empress of Russia.

Catherine gives a speech; as part of her first rule, she states anyone can follow any religion, which causes a stir in the audience and leads Archbishop seething. She also brings back beards again after Peter took away that right in season 1. Peter reads Catherine a letter believing it is touching, but she walks off very quickly afterward.

Peter seems a bit low about losing Russia, but Aunt Elizabeth assures him his father would be proud that he’s carrying on the bloodline. All those who are still in allegiance with Peter believe Catherine will fail. Grigor thinks they should help Catherine fail.

As the episode ends, Peter kills a noble outside who called him a d******d, and Catherine tells a group of young women that how they spend the day is up to them and encourages them to look for a future. There’s a lot of uncertainty as episode 2 ends, but Catherine brings confidence to her status.

Additional points

  • Aunt Elizabeth threatens Archbishop. But the Archbishop thinks they should cut off Catherine’s head, and Elizabeth takes the lead.
  • Grigor reassures Georgina that Catherine will fail as Peter has a plan.
  • Leo’s cousin visits and tells Catherine how much he loved her. He brings Leo’s letters. Catherine is understandably emotional and thanks the cousin.

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