The Morning Show season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021
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Apple TV plus series The Morning Show season 2, episode 10 - Fever - the finale ending explained


With the pandemic arriving, the characters find themselves in a state of limbo to round off a satisfactory season 2.

This recap of Apple TV+s The Morning Show season 2, episode 10, “Fever,” — the finale/ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Well, we’ve reached another conclusion of The Morning Show — this has certainly had mixed reviews, but I’ve enjoyed it. It was always going to be hard to top the first season that was so heavily thematic and embedded in pop culture. A continuation had to be perfect. Anyway, let’s recap the finale!

The Morning Show season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

The finale opens with Bradley handing out missing posters for her brother Hal. And then the scene flits to The Morning Show addressing the video footage of Alex Levy at Mitch Kessler’s memorial. The board discusses postponing UBA+. Cory tells Cybil that he wants to get it off the ground regardless. The pandemic and Alex’s controversy are taking a toll on the CEO.

Colleagues are moving to video calls as they are worried Alex has spread Covid-19 to them. Stella orders everyone to go home and test. It’s funny — all season, they didn’t see this coming. It’s our 2020, replayed. Stella tells Daniel that he will be anchoring The Morning Show from home. But Daniel declines and says he needs to see his grandfather at a nursing home. He’s done proving himself. Stella tells him this is the biggest news in their lifetime, but Daniel quits. The pandemic provided perspective.

Stella tells Cory that Alex has Covid-19, and they knew she was in Italy. They feel screwed over by Alex again. They are both panicking about what to do and have no idea how contact tracing works. Meanwhile, in her apartment, Alex is struggling with covid symptoms, but because she can breathe properly, her doctor cannot help her. She can’t go to the hospital. She rings Chip and tells him that she’s going to die. He reassures her that she isn’t.

The next day, Chip proposes to Cory an idea — for the nation to watch Alex get through the virus symptom. It takes a while to convince him, but Cory is eventually onboard with the idea. Stella tells Cory it’s a bad idea, so Cory tells her they’ll put it on UBA+ — he may as well; he has nothing to lose at this stage.

Chip heads to Alex’s place and tells her he has the virus as well. He states he’s asymptomatic. Alex is relieved to see someone. He tells her that the network wants her on the air, and he tries to sell her the concept, but she throws up.

Paola meets Cory after Alex arranged it. She wants him to see a snippet of her documentary. It’s the interview with Mitch, and it shows him remunerating over his actions. Cory tells her that it’s good. Paola asks for a job, but Cory feels there’s an audience for her documentary. Paola doesn’t want to betray Mitch. Cory feels the existence of the documentary could be a living monument for humanity to show the capacity for good. Will season 3 show Paola giving up the one thing that Mitch did not want to be released?

Bradley rings Alex about her brother Hal. Alex tells Bradley that families are f****d up, and if she can’t cut them off, she has to own it. She doesn’t want her shame to ruin her life. These two have formed an unlikely friendship. Bradley sends out a social media post about her missing brother.

Chip produces Alex’s show on her experiences with Covid-19. Alex describes her life with covid symptoms. She tells the public that either the virus will cancel her or they will. It’s making good television. She even attacks Maggie’s book. While producing, we learn that Chip wasn’t positive for Covid-19 at all. He’s risked his life to help Alex. His loyalty to Alex is almost tragic — he’s even ignoring his partner’s calls.

Due to the pandemic, events relating to UBA+ are canceled. Cory is losing the one thing he wanted to launch. He decides to help Bradley find Hal. While looking for Hal, Cory confesses to Bradley that he loves her. Before Bradley can respond, she gets a call from a nurse who suspects they have found her brother.

The ending

On the show, Alex questions whether she brought this on herself. She tells the audience that she was once a kid, like everyone else — from “first steps” to “first love.” She didn’t even realize that the most entertaining thing about her career would be her sex life. She thought it would be what she’s good at. Alex states she’s done apologizing for herself.

Bradley and Cory head to the hospital, and due to covid restrictions, Bradley has to sneak herself in, and the wards are filled with covid patients. She finds Hal, and it’s an emotional reunion. Hal says he got into a fight and apologizes. Bradley promises she’ll never leave him.

Cory looks up at the news. The death toll is rising. Alex continues to talk on her show; she discusses her adversity and questioning who she is. She’s thankful for being alive. She hopes they figure it out and thanks her audience for sticking with her all these years. The finale leaves all the characters in a state of limbo, with the pandemic now a reality — what will this mean for the future of these characters? Who knows, but one thing for sure, perspective is undoubtedly a powerful thing.

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