The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 2 recap – “Shadow’s Waiting”

November 19, 2021
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Oh, the “Shadow’s Waiting” is a thrilling episode with many surprises along the way.

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Oh, the “Shadow’s Waiting” is a thrilling episode with many surprises along the way.

This recap of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 2, “Shadow’s Waiting,” contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

This episode starts with a captain being congratulated on his victory. He has a member of the Aes Sedai tied to a stake in the ground, with a kindling starting to catch fire just beneath her feet. He picks up her ring and puts it on a chain he has pinned to his uniform (he has killed many Aes Sedai women, it appears). He tells her not to worry — brutality is the only path to mercy.

He then watches her scream as she burns at the stake.

The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 2 recap

On the Run

Moiraine is not taking any chances. As the army of Trollocs is fast on the trail, they need to find deep water — this is the only thing they are afraid of. They find a man who operates a ferry, and as they cross, the Trollocs come running in. They have crossed. However, the water is too deep. As they get to the other side, Lan cuts the rope, so the older man can’t go back. He leaps into the water to reach the ferry because his son is coming, which will sign his death warrant. When he gets there, Moiraine starts a world pool, submerging the raft and drowning the man.

Those are the breaks.

They have “lost” the Trollocs so they can get some rest. Moiraine interviews Nynaeve. She tells her she is not listening to the wind but listening to her. They debate if they will ever see home again (that would be a probable no). They all had the same dreams that they regurgitated what looked like a bat. Plans have meaning, says Moiraine, but she doesn’t elaborate. They need to tell her immediately when this happens again.

On their way to White Bridge, they cross paths with a military group called The Children of the Light (the same group and captain to start the episode). They root out evil, corruption, and darkness (where magic is considered). They manage to safely pass as Moiraine hides her ring and tricks White Cloak, carrying seven of her sister’s rings.

They keep traveling, questioning Moiraine’s intentions, and getting to know each other. Until they are woken up on their second day of rest as the Trollocs have found them. To make matters worse, the magical one won’t wake up. So, they gather her up and all travel to the fallen city of Aridhol. It is now called Shadar Logoth, translated as “Shadow’s Waiting.” As they approach, the horses do not want to enter, but neither do the Trollocs. It was the most powerful city before the Trolloc Wars.

The ruby-hilted dagger is an artifact of Shadar Logoth; like all things from that city, it is contaminated with the evil that consumed the residents and will pass on the madness to whoever carries it.

The Ending – Aridhol

You’ve killed us all, she says. Poor Lan can’t win any points with his lady. She says this after Mat finds an ancient blade with a red gem inside in a box and under some rubble (after he was told to touch nothing, mind you), and then one of their horses isn’t turned into glue, but ashes. The blade is called the “ruby-hilted dagger” and will cause madness to anyone who carries it (idiot).

This released a black shadow that is chasing the poor group over the city and turning them into dust like the horses. Mat and Rand escape out a gated window outside Aridhol’s walls. Perrin and Egwene are forced to jump from the edge of the wall, looking over the waters below. The short-sighted Lan takes his love on horseback out of the city. He lays her on the ground and gives her a sip of water. He then suddenly feels a blade on his neck. He’s done for, he is thinking. As he turns his head to meet his executioner, he doesn’t see a Trolloc but a woman.

“If you don’t take me to them right now, I’ll slit your throat,” says Nynaeve.

She’s alive, after all.

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    Moraine interviews Egwene, not Nynaeve. Only Rand had the dream where he puked a bat. Mat said his dream was like their necks broken and he saw it. The “White Cloaks” are also called Children of the Light. Perrin had his first wolf encounter.

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