Who dies in The Great season 2?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who dies in The Great season 2 - hulu series

This article, “who dies in The Great season 2,” contains significant spoilers for the Hulu series.

Of course, there are many deaths in The Great. Most of them are comical, especially when Peter sends out his lookalikes to test Catherine’s patience with his no-mercy approach and disregard to human life. The comedy series does well to make the low mortality rate a reality of the times. Where life expectancy is low either by disease or just extreme lack of care.

So who dies in The Great season 2?

Surprisingly, considering that this world is reckless and chaotic, there’s only one significant character death in season 2, and it’s an easy one for the writers to include because it was a guest character. Guest characters are perfect to kill off. 

Joanna – Catherine’s mother

Yes, unfortunately, Catherine’s mother Joanna (played by Gillian Anderson) reaches her demise. And it’s difficult to tell if she deserved it. While she isn’t integral to the story moving forward, she did have quite an impact. And, the writers had to find a reason to kill someone other than the smaller side characters.

Joanna’s death is also comedic. After arguing with her daughter Catherine, she tries to seduce Peter once again. This time it works. Peter gives in and has sex with her on an open window. Feeling too confident with the passion and sex, Joanna holds on to the curtains to enjoy a potentially good sex position, but unfortunately, the curtains are frail, and they rip off the window frame. She falls from the palace window and to her death.

But, even though she was a guest character, her death does trigger a pivotal moment in the story. Not only is the death hilarious, but it navigates the ending of season 2 for Catherine and Peter. That’s worthy of death, we feel!

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