Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending/finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 23, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Netflix Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2, episode 6 - Comes with Everything You See Here -- the ending and finale explained


Season 2 ends with an epic battle that will please new viewers and avid fans.

This recap of Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2, episode 6, “Comes with Everything You See Here,” — the ending and finale explained — contains spoilers. 

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The final episode of season 2 is hailed as “the final confrontation for the fate of Eternia,” but we don’t think this is the end. This is way too good to stop now, and the ending suggests there is more to come.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending and finale explained

The battle for Eternia and the Universe continues. Evil-Lyn continues to fight Adam and Skeletor, but she seems incredibly powerful. As she’s about to kill He-Man, Orko returns. By returning the dead, she returned Orko too. Orko immediately draws his attention to Scare Glow and defeats him. And then, Orko tells Lyn that she was not born evil, as they fight against each other.

There’s a lot of intense fighting in the finale.

And then it gets better; the Sword of Power returns to Adam, and he transforms to He-Man. There’s a real victory on the horizon inside and outside the castle, with the fortunes looking up for our heroes while Teela continues assuming her new role.

Teela speaks to the spirit of the Sorceress (her mother); she tells Teela that she deserved more with a life and a father. She asks her to give her life up for the greater good because they have to protect the power and let go of attachments. Teela disputes that and believes she can do it a different way from her mother. She hugs her mother and explains holding on to those she loves makes her stronger — she vows to use the power to protect all of Eternia.

Meanwhile, Evil-Lyn announces the moment we enter the exact center of the Universe. Skeletor is confused by her powers because they have the sword, but it looks a bit too late.

But, Teela makes a late arrival to confront Evil-Lyn herself. Evil-Lyn is smug, believing all she has to do is go outside the castle to defeat her, but Teela proves her wrong — “the castle is under new management.” Skeletor believes the Sorceress will lose, so he thinks all hope is gone, and he fights He-Man. Unfortunately for Skeletor, he is joined by Ram-Man, who hits him.

In a pivotal moment in the finale, Teela and Evil-Lyn continue to fight each other, but they are evenly matched. Teela tries convincing Evil-Lyn that’s she’s a good person, but Evil-Lyn is not buying it and keeps fighting. Evil-Lyn announces that she wants to end the pain, bring an end to all things — she puts forward that motion with her powers, and she believes she’s finally achieved it,  but Teela was showing her a vision. Teela admits that the Universe is chaos, hurt, and death, but there’s more to it than that — there’s life and love. Evil-Lyn looks enlightened by what she sees, and she weeps, realizing how magic the Universe is.

The ending

The ending proves fruitful, with hope for our heroes, but a sniff of a continuation.

Skeletor wants to fight He-Man again, refusing to give up and wants to be locked into an eternal battle. He-Man tells him that it’s not about them and throws him into the distance.

Teela returns with Evil-Lyn (not so evil anymore). Teela asks He-Man for help to “make things right,” and they use their powers to return the evil dead to the afterlife, however, this includes Orko. However, Evil-Lyn uses her powers to make sure Orko does not have to return. The battle is over, and good prevails over evil.

After the war, peace and celebrations proceed as our characters enter a new phase. As for Skeletor, he’s furious at recent events. He wants his powers back, but his followers are obeying orders from Motherboard. He tries to destroy the Motherboard, but it activates, showing a robotic, human-like figure. His followers worship Motherboard. When it is fully activated, Motherboard attaches tubes inside Skeletor, and it looks like she is sucking out all of his life force.

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