The Whole Truth (2021) ending explained – what was the darkest secret?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2021
Netflix film The Whole Truth 2021 ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Whole Truth (2021) and will contain spoilers.

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After their mother ends up in a coma due to a car accident, Putt and Pim have to stay at their grandparent’s house. A hole keeps on appearing on the wall, which seems to be looking into next door. Later in the film, Putt puts a theory forward; that the hole is a wormhole to a different timeline. It comes to fruition that the children are looking at sinister secrets in the family that are slowly uncovered as the film progresses.

Netflix film The Whole Truth ending explained

When the mother escapes her coma in the hospital, she’s alarmed to learn that her two children are at her grandparents. Meanwhile, the grandmother appears to be out of her dementia state, and she tells the children that she has been able to see the hole for 15 years. She claims that what they see is the truth — that 15 years ago, their father looked after their secret sister Pinya, and she ended up dead because she played hide and seek with him, and she drank rat poison while he drank alcohol and fell asleep.

However, that doesn’t turn out to be true. When the mother arrives, the real truth is exposed. Putt figures out that his grandmother kept giving milk to Pinya that was laced with poison — she’s been doing. the same with him. Over time, the poison killed Pinya. The grandmother then reveals her true self and states she was trying to get rid of deformities out of the family. There’s also a claim that the children’s father Krit killed himself, believing he killed his daughter. The mother, Mia is angry, and takes her children home after learning a dark truth. She tells the grandparents that she never wants to see them again.

And this is when the subplot ties in; the grandfather is frustrated all film, believing that the son of a wealthy and heavily associated man (Chaiyut) was drink driving and caused the accident that put Mia in the hospital and in a coma. Believing the police will not deal with it, he takes justice into his own hands and kills Chaiyut. After the truth inside the hole is revealed, the grandfather learns from the police that they have dashcam footage; Chaiyut was not the culprit. The police also know Chaiyut had been murdered, and he’s a suspect. He now has to live with the guilt of murdering an innocent person.

In the middle of the night, the grandmother hears scratching from the hole again, making her go crazy. The grandfather checks up on her, but when he looks at his wife, she looks like Chaiyut, so he shoots her dead. Understanding what he’s done, he then shoots himself. The entire guilt weighing on him from recent events was too much.

But the darkest secret comes at the end; it’s revealed that the mother Mia killed the children’s father Krit, believing he was why Pinya died. Krit did not kill himself.

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