Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained

December 3, 2021 (Last updated: January 20, 2023)
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Season 4 ends with a double cliffhanger that will leave fans desperate for a continuation.

We recap Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Episode 11, “Who’s the Boss,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending. 

Yet again, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous leaves the audience on a cliffhanger — will there be a season 5? Let’s hope so!

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained

Episode 11 opens with the group of friends celebrating that they have trapped Kash. Brooklyn and Kenji consider telling the group about their relationship after they recently shared their feelings — Kenji wants to tell Darius first, but when he approaches him, he can’t reveal it because Darius states he doesn’t want any more changes. Brooklyn and Sammy realize that there is something wrong with Rebel and Angel — they wonder if they belong in the jungle. They suggest taking them to the desert.

While Sammy, Brooklynn, and Yaz return Angel and Rebel to the desert, they are confronted by a ferocious dinosaur, so they have to sprint away quickly. Eventually, they end up in an icy puddle and have to climb off their vehicle. Meanwhile, Kenji and Darius learn that Kash has escaped, and they are worried about Ben and Mae at the lab.

Darius sneaks into the lab and overhears Kash and his boss Daniel talking about their evil plans. Darius tells Mae that Daniel plans to have the BRADs take Pierce to a new biome with new assets and use him as food — he thinks he’s worse than Kash. Mae states they have to save Pierce. Kenji and Darius form a team, while Mae and Ben form another team to stop their plans.

Sammy, Brooklyn, and Yaz walk through icy plains with Angel and Rebel. They then realize that Mantah Corp made Rebel and Angel endothermic to keep warm. The girls finally leave Rebel and Angel in their natural habitat, but a BRAD tells them Pierce is in trouble.

Ending Explained

While on their mission, Kenji lets slip that Brooklynn is his girlfriend to Darius. His friend is in shock at the revelation but then hugs him.

Ben and Mae find Pierce, but they have to fight off the robots. Kenji and Darius arrive to help, but they are also in danger from dinosaurs. The girls arrive in their vehicle to save the day. But then they realize they are part of a trap, and suddenly they are surrounded by loads of BRADs. Daniel and Kash arrive. Kenji is shocked as he says, “dad,” to Daniel, which is met with gasps. A double-cliffhanger. We’ll have to wait for answers!

What did you think of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Episode 11 and the ending? Comment below. 

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