Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 1 recap – we meet again

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: December 7, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 1


The documentary brings the ex-couple back to life.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 1, contains spoilers. 

Our Beloved Summer brings us into the lives of Kook Yeonsu and Choi Ung, who were previously ex-girlfriend and boyfriend but now reconnect once their viral documentary from high school was rediscovered. The drama is described as a rom-com and I believe it will fall into the second chance romance trope with Kook Yeonsu and Choi Ung falling in love with each other again after being broken up for so long.

It opens up with a flashback to May 2011, Choi Ung is in class and is being filmed. He’s bored as ever and doesn’t get along with Kook Yeonsu who sits beside him. They’re also polar opposites with Kook Yeonsu being the studious and serious girl with ambitions and goals, whereas Choi Ung is more nonchalant and wants to get by. As she’s at the top of the class and Choi Ung falls behind, they have to spend time together when filming the documentary and essentially coexist.

Next, we are back in the present where Yeonsu isn’t satisfied with her job, she’s being looked down on and doesn’t feel like she’s taken seriously. In order for her campaign to be a success, she has to get the artist Ko-o on board with the campaign. And spoiler alert, the artist is anonymous but is also Ung, who’s living the carefree life he has always dreamed of.

It was interesting to see the parallels between the young Yeonsu and Ung vs the grown-up Yeonsu and Ung because their habits followed them into their adulthood. Yeonsu has been so focused on her career that she skipped a date four times and it’s sad because she should be able to live her life beyond work. Although, it will be an interesting parallel because it seems like Ung will be the type to balance her out.

Meanwhile, the following morning, Ung opens his door to find Yeonsu standing there, both not looking happy. Ung’s friend, Jiung, mentioned that they dated for 5 years but went through a horrible breakup. 

As a fan of second chance romances, Our Beloved Summer is ending the year on a more endearing and heartwarming note after the amount of action and thriller K-dramas that took over the year. Coupled with BTS’S V singing the OST (original soundtrack) for the drama, it’ll put the audiences into the right mood for the drama. As for future episodes, it’s exciting to see how the documentary will reflect their past and how it impacts their present, for instance, will we learn why they broke up and parted ways?

What did you think of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 1? Comment below. 

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