The Expanse season 6, episode 1 – why does Drummer want to remove Michio from the family?

December 10, 2021
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This article, “why does Drummer want to remove Michio from the family,” contains spoilers regarding The Expanse season 6, episode 1.

We don’t see much of the Drummer family in episode 1 of season 6. After fleeing Marco Inaros, Drummer and her family are in trouble. There’s a bounty on her head, and so she’s essentially on the run. Marco even increases the percentage of the bounty — he’s that desperate to kill her. With only six episodes in season 6, we wonder how much this story will develop. How much will Marco try to hunt down Drummer? He’s busy drinking and being laid-back in the premiere, so only time will tell.

Regardless, Drummer and her crew are present in the first episode of season 6. There’s unity between them, unlike season 5, where you could sense fractures. Drummer has her family back, but there’s already a problem.

Why does Drummer want to remove Michio from the family in The Expanse season 6, episode 1?

It appears Drummer and her crew of family are attempting to play a balanced game; they are hunting Free Navy ships while evading being tracked at the same time. In episode 1 of season 6, they are at risk of being severely attacked by a ship. Michio controls the missiles, but she accidentally presses the “test” button. This puts the crew at a massive risk. They evaded and destroyed the Free Navy ship, but it was a close call. Due to the actions of Michio, they now have a low missile load. 

Drummer has sometimes been “black and white” with her decision-making, and when she’s told that they can’t have mistakes like that (like crew members who can not keep up), she makes a decision as a leader.

She tells Michio that they will take her to a place of safety and that she can rejoin once they are out of danger. Essentially, Drummer has decided to temporarily remove Michio from the crew until they can afford to have her back.

Michio is distraught and heartbroken. She doesn’t want to leave the polyamorous family. While she sobs, Drummer sticks with her decision. However, we never actually see Michio go, and we will be wondering whether she will become a nuisance or if Drummer will change her mind. Time will tell.

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