Back to the Outback review – a fearless and fun adventure down under

December 11, 2021
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Overall, this is a fun film and worth watching with the family.



Overall, this is a fun film and worth watching with the family.

This review of the Netflix film Back to the Outback does not contain spoilers.

Animated animals are the cutest whether they’re a puppy or a porcupine – set down under in Australia Netflix’s animated feature Back to the Outback tells the story of a bunch of animals, fed up with humans gawping, staring, and calling them names at the zoo, escaping, and heading for the outback. Something they only heard about in stories. Whilst they’re on their hilarious and hectic adventure across Australia, they are pursued by a zookeeper Chaz and his son. However, on their journey, they are helped by an undercover agency and they prevail.

In the team, there is a mixture of animals, reptiles, and insects, which include a Koala called Pretty Boy who leads a life of luxury in Sydney Zoo as their poster child (he’s my favorite.) Maddie (who takes the lead in the escape), a taipan who doesn’t enjoy children and parents cringe at her teeth and fangs and being called a monster, who is sensitive and has a heart of gold. Nigel, a scorpion, Frank the spider, and a lovely thorny lizard who just wants to be loved. There is also Jackie the crocodile who takes a mother figure and who loves an audience.

What we have here are some of the darker, less cuddly creatures in the zoo taking center stage. All on show, to amaze and scare audiences, it’s very true to real life. We often go to these creatures for their dangerous and unpredictable reputations. However, here we’re given a gentler, kinder side to the creatures, which at times does pull at your heartstrings. Jackie being taken away because they thought she was about to hurt a child and really, she was wanting to help, almost brought a tear to my eye (giant animal lover here.) 

With recognizable voices, half the fun is guessing who voices who. I’ll give you some names: Tim Minchin, Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, Eric Bana, and more! There are shots of Sydney Harbour, landmarks, and the outback, which is great for international audiences. Younger audiences could learn from this film.

Excellent soundtrack, current and upbeat, helping add to and drive the story along. There are no slow parts that drag. It’s not a new/original story, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch. There are quirky, mad moments that will entertain adults as well as kids. The singing toad tickled me. And the underlying undertones of animals being locked up, caged up, and used for entertainment is something deeper for us all to reflect on.

Overall this is a fun film, and definitely worth the watch with the family, or if like me, you’re a fan of animations. Like the films Madagascar, Ice Age, and Finding Nemo, the adventures of animals trying to escape will never end.

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