Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Boy, or the Girl, We Liked Then”

December 15, 2021
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The couple constantly bickers, but it doesn’t pick up from there.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 4, contains spoilers. 

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Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens up with Ung and Yeonsu debating with each other about who liked who. Unsurprisingly they both agree that the other person liked them first. Ung mentions that there was something in the air between them and how it was a very romantic day — according to his memory. Meanwhile, Yeonsu tells the interviewers that it wasn’t that romantic as Ung claimed. This couple is always bickering, from their days in secondary school and well into adulthood. 

These two continue to bicker like there’s no tomorrow, whether it’s organizing the shoot with Jiung for a documentary, they never take a break. As they begin shooting, we learn that their schedules are conflicting. Yeonsu does a lot more on weekends to avoid wasting time and Ung, like many, sleeps his day away. At this point, it is clear that they are polar opposites if it wasn’t clear earlier. However, they weren’t able to secure any usable footage for the documentary so Jiung calls both Yeonsu and Ung to meet with one another. Ung was shocked to find Yeonsu in his home, considering they had a horrible breakup. 

Unexpectedly, they bond over one of his drawings as they check out his studio. In the moment, there’s a flashback scene of them in school where Yeonsu made a mess of one of his drawings, which she tried to fix later on. But even in between all of this, Ung made a hurtful comment to her, which resulted in a fight as usual. Fortunately, he realized that his anger was unprovoked and of course, failed to apologize because of his ego. That same night, both Yeonsu and Ung think about the comments they made to each other and feel horrible.

We also learn that Ung is being dragged on TV over plagiarism allegations but chooses to disengage with the bad news. As for Yeonsu, she’s invited to the Soen Shop launch party. Later on, Yeonsu finds out about the plagiarism allegations and reassures her team that everything is fine. Except, Ung is wondering why Yeonsu hasn’t called him about these allegations and wonders where they stand.

Instead, episode 4 feels like a filler episode that builds up the much-needed tension.

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