Grumpy Christmas ending explained – do the family share Christmas together?

By Romey Norton
Published: December 21, 2021
Netflix film Grumpy Christmas ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Grumpy Christmas and will contain spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free review by clicking these words.

The film opens with a man and his family struggling to find a signal, with a broken-down bus. As the opening credits roll, we’re told that a grandpa has had to move into his family due to being kicked out of the retirement home. Describing a modern family and how the grandpa wants to give everyone the best Christmas ever, even if it is on a beach. 

Once at the aunt’s house on a glorious beach, where she lives by herself. The mother and father have couples therapy, randomly, in the bedroom, mostly to discuss the husband staying off the phone whilst on this family vacation. Clearly, there is going to be some drama in this family. Tension begins to build between Aunt Alicia and Grumpy Grandpa as he asks her about her garden. Alicia thinks he is nosey and he thinks she is weird. 

Alicia makes the young boy Willy cry by telling him that there isn’t going to be a Christmas tree and that Santa won’t be bringing him anything. Grumpy Grandpa gets involved, telling everyone there will be a tree, and he’s going to need help doing this. Alicia doesn’t take kindly to this, as it’s her house and she wants to celebrate Christmas her way. 

Grandpa is trying to throw Alicia under the bus with her family — trying to get his own way for Christmas festivities. Everyone seems to be on his side and not Alicia’s, it’s not very clear as to why Alicia doesn’t want Santa or to celebrate Christmas, but it is clear the conflict is brewing deeper. 

We see a hand open a window in the night, and grandpa wakes up having been bitten by mosquitoes. Let the prank war begin. Grandpa turns the hot water on Alicia, Alicia moves the umbrella, letting grandpa be burnt by the sun. These pranks are a little painful and not something I recommend copying. 

The family struggle with their relationship issues and Grandpa goes after Alicia’s gardening tools and ends up turning one of her trees into a giant Christmas tree, putting lots of lights and ornaments on it, causing Alicia to cry. This tree she planted with her sister. A little over-dramatic if you ask me — just take everything off the tree. No need to go rest and call a doctor. 

Netflix film Grumpy Christmas ending explained

Grandpa tries to apologize to Alicia on the boat, the boat sets sail and both are stuck together. Forced to talk, share stories, share feelings, and make friends, Alicia reveals that she has an aneurysm, and grumpy grandpa reveals he used to hate Christmas and wasn’t a good father when he was younger. Alicia and Grandpa kiss, which feels totally awkward and weird. 

Grandpa starts to have a heart attack, luckily his son was on a boat behind them and able to rescue him. The doctors say it was a stress-induced panic attack. Grandpa turns down Alicia, and leaves with his son on Christmas Eve, as his son has to leave due to work. 

The family tries to perform a nativity scene, but Willy walks off, and Grandpa and his son eat a rubbish meal on the bus. The Christmas spirit is completely lost at this point. This is where we’re brought full circle back to the beginning with the father and son, stuck with the broken down bus. Trying to find a way back home to spend Christmas with their family, we cut to the family setting the Christmas table and giving thanks. 

With a pregnancy reveal, and Grandpa making it back for Christmas, thanks to a kind stranger giving them a lift, the whole family is able to celebrate together with a little bit of fake snow. 

Grandpa confesses he was scared and that he, in fact, does like Alicia and they embrace. The film ends with a montage of all the family sharing and opening presents together as one big happy family. Closing with Alicia and grandpa on the boat sharing a gift and another kiss. 

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