1000 Miles From Christmas ending explained – will Raúl save Christmas?

December 24, 2021 (Last updated: November 1, 2022)
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film 1000 Miles From Christmas, so will contain major spoilers.

1000 Miles From Christmas follows Raúl, an auditor who hates Christmas, as he is sent to a small town where everyone obsesses over the festive period for one last job before the holidays. Although he manages to resist the infectious joy held by everyone there for a while, it eventually gets into his bones too. With the town’s attempt at a world record hanging in the balance due to financial problems, Raúl offers help and hope, but when the money worries stretch beyond the nativity, it looks like he may need to do a little bit more for the folks of Valverdes.

In essence, Valverdes is not exactly the most affluent town. The local nougat factory is where many of the population are employed, and when Raúl unearths some issues with the accounts, he sees a few things that concern him. However, having been slightly carried away by the local festivities, he gives factory boss Mateo (Peter Vives) some time to get his ducks in a row before filing his report.

1000 Miles From Christmas ending

The problem is, Mateo sees Raúl as a love rival, and as such decides to weaponize his findings to paint him in a bad light with Paula (Andrea Ros), but when his badmouthing of Raúl to her is overhead by one of the factory workers, this starts a game of Chinese whispers around the town, with the end result being that every single one of the locals wants Raúl gone. Meanwhile, Mateo gets the chance to swoop in and be the love interest he always wanted to be to Paula.

However, it later emerges that Raúl’s audit of the nougat factory had been a ploy arranged by Mateo as a way for him to cash out of the business that had been in his family for years because he didn’t want to be stuck in the town forever. When Raúl discovers this, he becomes a threat as the only one who can reveal Mateo’s scheme to the whole town who will surely not look favorably on the factory boss thanks to how they will be impacted by his dealings. This leads to Mateo abandoning him somewhere in the mountains in an attempt to keep the secret at bay. Of course, although somewhat predictable, Raúl makes it back to town in time to let everyone know exactly what Mateo has been up to, saving not only the day, but also Christmas, and the livelihoods of everyone in Valverdes.

You can stream 1000 Miles From Christmas exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the 1000 Miles From Christmas ending? Let us know in the comments.

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