Vicky and her Mystery ending explained – do Vicky and Mystery stay together?

By Romey Norton
Published: December 24, 2021
Vicky and her Mystery ending explained - do Vicky and Mystery stay together?

This is a detailed overview of Vicky and Her Mystery and will contain spoilers.

Vicky and Her Mystery begins with glorious opening credits featuring shots of the mountains, wilderness, and wolves, including baby wolves. We then see a convoy of cars coming down a lonely road with fields of sheep next to them. Men with guns appear, we know they are hunting the wolves. Shots of wolves running away, one main wolf is killed, leaving one baby wolf alone. This is to reflect the main character, Victoria, and how she has been left after the loss of her mother.

The contrast of the beautiful landscapes with a violent act heightens how man can destroy the world and that nature should be left alone.

We meet Stéphane and Victoria, who are moving into their spooky but cute new home. Vicky isn’t speaking, she is just listening to her late mothers’ playlist. Stéphane is clearly trying and takes Vicky on a hike.

On this hike we are witness to more stunning scenery, and of course, they get lost. They find themselves at the mercy of a local who helps them and keeps them warm. On his land Vicky finds the lost little puppy curled up in a basket. The gentleman states that this one is special and that the puppy is called Mystery.

The gentleman drives Victoria and Stéphane home. Vicky hasn’t told her dad, but she has decided to keep Mystery and hides him in her room for days before Stéphane finds out. A bit dubious, he eventually allows Vicky to keep the dog. He can tell she is happier, and she’s now speaking!

As Mystery grows, people are drawn to him, one new friend of the family, a local vet, states that she thinks Mystery is a wolf, and they are not well-liked because of the fact they kill the livestock.

We cut to two men tracking a wolf – this wolf is clearly the mother of Mystery looking for her baby. The wolf comes close to Victoria’s house. The two men (farmers) follow and become suspicious.

Vicky and Her Mystery ending

Whilst walking through the woods the family and Mystery come face to face with the wolf. Mystery goes back to Victoria and the mother wolf runs away. Because of this encounter, they take Mystery to the local vet who states that Mystery is in fact a pure grey wolf and needs to either be released or taken to a sanctuary.

Heartbroken, the father creates a giant doghouse to hide Mystery and keep him safe. However, the farmers know, and Mystery is taken away. Victoria becomes very introverted again. There is a local meeting and Stéphane takes Victoria to teach her how the wolves are dangerous. This clearly has no effect because Mystery escapes and comes looking for Victoria, his pack, and Victoria and Mystery leave and head into the wilderness to find Mystery’s wolf pack.

Stéphane learns that his daughter is missing from school and goes to find her. He is met by Mystery who leads him to a cold and tired Victoria. In a storm, they find the gentleman from before who takes them in and looks after them for the night. Victoria admits that she wanted to save Mystery and that she feels like she has failed.

We cut to hunters, hunting Mystery. Mystery is running to the house, as Victoria runs to him, the farmer shoots Mystery, causing him to fall and Victoria to break down crying on him. The farmer is shocked as he could have shot Victoria. Stéphane punches the farmer in the face and the farmer leaves the scene. The good thing to come of this is that the farmers now will not hunt the wolves and have understood their poor decisions.

Mystery is badly hurt, being taken inside and cared for, he makes a miraculous recovery. Mystery can be reunited with his wolf family, with Victoria saying a very heartfelt goodbye. There are beautiful scenes of the wolf family playing in the snow, representing freedom and the importance of being kind and being with family.

The end credits show a real photo of the real Vicky and Mystery today, which is a beautiful way to end the film.

You can stream Vicky and Her Mystery exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts about the Vicky and Her Mystery ending? Let us know in the comments.

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