Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 6 recap – a k-drama in its groove

January 4, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 6


Bulgasal: Immortal Souls seems to be hitting a comfortable groove now, with episode six far less eventful but no less enjoyable.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 6, contains spoilers.

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After a quick refresh on the ending of the last episode, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls jumps right in with Sang-un accepting Hwal’s offer of mutual survival, stating she’d do anything to prevent Si-ho from dying. A chase then starts between the two and the water monster, but Teoreokson has driven off before any conclusion can be reached. As expected, the plot between the reincarnated fiend and Dark Hole is revealed: they wish to use Si-ho as bait to catch the desperate Sang-un.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 6 recap

Enlisting the help of Ho-yeol, who uses his police contact, they get a greater idea of what this monster does. Each victim at the Dalmyeong Reservoir has their legs dislocated by the monster, and the trio deduces that Si-ho must be held there too. As such, they arrive at a building described as the monster’s “nest,” anticipating danger. When they break in, a captivating swimming pool conflict takes place, one which sees Ho-yeol flash back to a painful memory of losing his arm in the Joseon era, and something that is so visceral he believes the same thing has happened in the present. However, as Hwal comforts the private investigator, their foe slips away.

Unsurprisingly, this spells trouble for Sang-un upon her reunion with Si-ho. The monster chokes, pulls, and attempts to stab the soul-hosting woman before Hwal comes to her aid. Perhaps surprisingly, the favor is soon returned following an intense battle that leaves Hwal unconscious. When the group returns home, Si-ho joins the fray, staying in the room Do-yoon graciously offers up.

After some minor relationship developments involving Hwal and Sang-un, we are back with Ho-yeol, who is being questioned about the death of serial killer Kang Cheol-young (the water monster). He plays dumb until his release — which comes because the autopsy reveals suicide — but leaves with a marked curiosity about Hwal given his fingerprints are unidentifiable.

Now, we’re back with Eul-tae, a man enraged by the failure to capture Si-ho. He kills the person responsible, but we also discover that he holds a lot of socio-political influence with the mayor. It adds to the danger, Dark Hole’s seamless adaptation in the real world despite his penchant for human blood something well worth worrying about. This is all for a reason, though, as Eul-tae believes he can pry Hwal away from Sang-un, and onto his side.

There’s a bit of light-hearted bonding between the ensemble at the Hwal residence now, and soon Ho-yeol arrives, himself wishing to join the pseudo-alliance for a chance to catch Bulgasal. Haunted by an interaction when he was younger, which he refuses to share with Hwal, he wants to ask the monster a question. But any tension is quickly broken, and resolutions are not yet found.

Elsewhere, Hwal refuses to let Sang-un return to her house to collect belongings, with his foresight proving to be wise given Eul-tae is scoping the place out. There, Dark Hole sees the plot for the death of Bulgasal, collapsing on the mattress behind him in a subdued rage.

The ending

Sang-un spots the pictures of her past lives and asks if it’s really her. Hwal explains once more the context of everything, and why he resents her, and she promises that she will give the soul back and lock herself up in the well as Bulgasal once the ordeal with Eul-tae is over. It doesn’t impress Hwal, though, who believes it isn’t her decision to make, but Sang-un reminds him that she could betray him, and so she holds power too. If Hwal can get proof that the soul is his, and that she is Bulgasal, she’ll do as he says, and he swiftly tries to give both.

Unfortunately for Hwal, Sang-un is missing the all-important shoulder scar, something which sends him into a fit of rage. “Who exactly are you?” he asks while gripping the back of her neck before the episode abruptly ends.

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