Sex Appeal ending explained – does Avery’s hypothesis hold weight?

By Marc Miller
Published: January 15, 2022
Hulu film Sex Appeal Ending Explained

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Sex Appeal and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller calls Sex Appeal Funny, sincere, and perversely sweet.

Sex Appeal centers its story around a maximum-achieving high school senior, Avery (played by Mila Abdalla). She is a young woman who has spent her entire life reaching academic success. But she has very few social graces and cannot solve her problems by perfecting a game plan first. So, when her long-distance boyfriend wants to get down to some teenage DTF, she panics. She doesn’t like messy, and your first time will be as messy, awkward, and messy again as any situation can get. In the most personal situation, a perfectionist’s worst nightmare who feels it may end up as a failure.

So, she tries to kill two birds with one stone. Her annual “prom,” the StemCom, is an annual competition to create a computer application that solves the creator’s problem. She sets out to perform a series of experiments to develop the ideal app to help perfect the sexual experience on her first try. So, she uses someone she cares about as a friend but can separate sex from, Logan (Jake Short). However, Avery seems insensitive since she knows Logan has carried a torch for her for years.

What happens next is which hypothesis is correct. Avery, who states sex has nothing to do with love, or Logans, who thinks both are delicately intertwined. 

Hulu film Sex Appeal Ending Explained

Of course, mixing sex and feelings can lead to discourse. Logan tells Avery that sex has enhanced his love for her. However, Avery has nothing to compare her experiments with Logan too. So, when she sleeps with Casper, she finds that their relationship and the app are pristine, robotic, and clinical. Logan’s hypothesis is right. Love and sex feed off each other and can enhance each other. 

Unfortunately, treating and using her friends callously ruins the relationship and friendship. Avery sets up Logan with Lyssa, who he has been trading glances for months. The film ends with Avery at the prom, watching Logan enjoy his dance with Lyssa.

The ending displays how delicate relationships are and how respect is needed to sustain trust. The conclusion has the guts to stick to that life goes on ending, which is accurate. Finally, Avery graduates into a level of social maturity that she lacks in her life.

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