Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 10 recap – a lot of intensity

January 17, 2022
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A tension-building episode, it worked well from start to finish, building intensity up until the final second.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 10, contains spoilers.

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A solemn Do-yoon, who is being manipulated by Eul-tae’s “missing” secretary, begins proceedings, while we also flit back to Hwal, who starts his mission to find the young student. He gets Eul-tae’s address and goes to head there, stopped somewhat by a call from his foe, who has found his way to Hwal’s residence to search for Sang-un. Antagonising Si-ho over her past life link to her older sibling, Eul-tae seems to gain some sort of advantage, but still fails to find the person he is seeking thanks to a smartly placed hideout.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1, episode 10 recap

Soon, Hwal returns home, ready to confront Eul-tae. Together, they drive off, leaving Si-ho to worriedly tend to Sang-un. On their road trip, the two Bulgasals talk candidly, one evidently more frustrated than the other. It leads to a collision with a container, one which sees Eul-tae fly through the front window and collapse in a heap. Then, the two come to blows over Do-yoon, the charismatic villain cynically recalling the context about Hwal’s blind son. The pair reach a stalemate, each wanting something different, and it’s shortly revealed that the former secretary, Dueoksini, has collected Do-yoon, something swiftly used as bait so she can convene with her enemies.

Strangely enough, Eul-tae suddenly appears worried, offering to help Hwal find Do-yoon, and reassuring him that his reincarnated son will be fine. He informs the protagonist to look into the 2001 Hyeongrim-dong case first, before making a call of his own to be picked up.

When Hwal returns to his house, he asks for the resident to pack up ready to move, but Sang-un says it’s fine, and that she will leave on her own. Hye-suk is then put in charge of looking after the pregnant Si-ho, and Hwal departs to hide the woman who holds the key to his future. At the same time, we see Ho-yeol asking his former partner for information on the aforementioned Hyeongrim-dong case, information that is relayed to Hwal when he meets up with him shortly after. Kim Sang-hui (Dueoksini) was involved, and we learn more about her reckless, murderous character.

Now, at Mount Padu, we see Do-yoon and Sang-hui convening about the resting place of his brother, the blame for everything shifting onto Eul-tae. Meanwhile, Hwal opens up about the guilt he feels for not recognizing his reincarnated son, and the two Bulgasals (and later Ho-yeol) find themselves forming an unlikely alliance against the mutual enemy of Dueoksini.

After we find out just how much Do-yoon means to Eul-tae in a touching scene, we find ourselves back with Sang-un and Hwal, who are investigating the forest of Dueoksini. They too share a sweet scene, but tension soon arises when the hand of Sang-un shakes, and the monster’s location is identified. When they meet, it’s Sang-hui who has all the power, and it’s confirmed that her crossbow-wielding husband is a monster too. It leads to a frenzied altercation between the four present parties, the death of the monsters, and the disclosure of Do-yoon’s location. The fall of Dueoksini is most impressive, though, with Eul-tae waiting for her in the car before massacring her upon discovering Do-yoon has been fed intel about his actions.

The ending

Upon waking up, Do-yoon steps back out, loading up his phone ready to call Hwal. When he does, it’s an emotional conversation, the two making up and preparing to once again live together. That’s until the student gets ready to disclose the information about the past, which itself gets interrupted by the tense emergence of Eul-tae, who snaps the phone in two. Do-yoon then explains what he was told to Eul-tae — that he was killed 600 years ago by him — and it leads to a warm embrace, before a sorrowful stabbing. It leaves a pain in Si-ho too (a nod to the past), who exclaims that something is off.

When Ho-yeol arrives, he finds the student lying bloodied on the floor, before Hwal arrives only to see the exact same. Distraught, Hwal recalls the death of his former child A-chan, crying as he tries to help cover the wound whilst cradling the young man. “You need to live,” he says, desperate not to lose his son for a second time. When the ambulance arrives, and another look is given to Do-yoon, the episode ends.

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