Moses Storm: Trash White review – funny, witty and yet heartbreaking

By Ricky Valero
Published: January 22, 2022
HBO Comedy Special Moses Storm: Trash White


Moses Storm: Trash White is an authentic look at one man taking on a system that is meant to keep you down.

HBO Comedy Special Moses Storm: Trash White was released on the streaming service on January 22, 2022. 

As I sat down to watch Moses Storm: Trash White, this was my first taste of Moses’s stand-up. I have read so many different things about him leading into this that my intrigue had been relatively high.

“What’s up. I’m Cyler and today, and we are about to steal this old lady’s insulin.”

Moses kicks off the special by going after the pranksters on social media. The ones you see on TikTok or Youtube who set up people and they aren’t really funny, but at the end, they are like ‘WE ARE KIDDING.” So right out the gate, he reeled me in and I was invested.

One of the things about stand-up comics is that you have some who will stand there and tell jokes like Dave Chapelle or others who will use the stage to their benefit and even their facial expressions like Kevin Hart. Moses is a storyteller, not just with his words but with his actions. He uses every part of his body throughout this entire stand-up to get his jokes across. I believe his stand-up would be funny if you just listened to him. However, his actions during the jokes make his jokes that much better.

You hear so many comics talk about their jokes coming from their journey through life and most of the time, it feels relatable. You connect with Moses Storm from beginning to end because each joke comes from a place of sincerity. Yet, while his delivery is always perfect, you sense a tiny part of pain in his words and you feel that and it’s something I’ve never truly felt in watching any stand-up. I believe most of the time, comics hide that part of themselves and for Moses, he does an excellent job of hiding it with his hand gestures, loud talking, and even jumping up and down, but you still get that slight sense of pain from his voice.

Stand-up specials can sometimes walk the line with the fear of being canceled or subjective things coming out from them, but how can you live in fear of something that you lived yourself? That is the story of this stand-up. Moses doesn’t fear anything because he calls it as he saw it. The fitting title of the stand-up Moses Storm: Trash White tackles the government, the rich, and bullies with a no-holds-barred approach. He savagely takes down a system built to tear down people like him.

I walked away impressed by Moses Storm, not just cause he was a kid who grew up poor or a man now taking on the system, but because of his authentic approach to how he delivered these real jokes and made you laugh while feeling pain at the same time.

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