Feria: The Darkest Light season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

January 28, 2022
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Season 1 ends on a very abrupt cliffhanger, leaving the audience wanting more.

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Season 1 ends on a very abrupt cliffhanger, leaving the audience wanting more.

This recap of Netflix’s Feria: The Darkest Light season 1, episode 8, “The Solitary King,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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As the first season ends, viewers will be stunned by the ending—what a cliffhanger. We can only expect more from here on in.

Feria: The Darkest Light season 1, episode 8 – the ending explained

Episode 8 opens at the practice for Doctor Belda Guzman with Halid – the doctor states he has been “chosen.” Meanwhile, in the mines, one of the officers starts losing his mind, causing Guillen to be confused. Later on, the same officer tries to give his blood to open the gate up.

The next day, Eva apologizes to Sofia in hospital, and she returns an apology. Sofia tells Eva it is too late, and she’ll be taken to the temple. She tells Eva that she didn’t stab her because she loves her. Eva assures her sister that they will not be defeated. Sofia then reveals she saw her mother on the path to the kingdom, but the Dekta only brings pain. She feels helpless, believing her mother is trapped in Hell.

Blanca is tied to the bed in the hospital, and she claims the Dekta isn’t inside her. She wants to forget who she is and everything she has lost. She then has a seizure, repeating that she let her daughter die alone after leaving her alone.

Pablo tells Guillen that they thought they ended The Cult of Light years ago after blowing up the mine, but the kingdom’s power still arrived. He talks of his wife’s sacrifice, which didn’t work, but Sofia is like her mother.

Lozano speaks to the sisters about the gate. He tells them it has to be a perfect woman to open it — he tells Sofia she is perfect. He draws out a gun to kill her, but then Raul comes to the rescue, but in doing so, he kills Lozano by repeatedly smashing his head while grinning. Raul then screams, realizing what he has done. He was possessed. After more traumatic events, Sofia doubts she can fight for a better life, but Guillen reassures her and calls her strong.

Guillen finds out that Blanca is missing at the hospital; he finds the woman and runs after her onto the roof. He finally catches her. And then she convulses, and the creature comes out of her mouth. Guillen tries shooting it, but it’s no use. Blanca hugs Guillen and tells him not to let Dekta go near her.

Pablo tells his daughter Eva that he’s been released. He suddenly turns on Eva and tells her she is the black sheep of the family and not perfect like her sister and mother. He proceeds to choke her against the wall. Umma then detects something is in the hospital as the electricity goes off, but Sofia refuses to keep running away and tells Halid to kill her. Halid refuses to kill her, so she tries jumping out of the hospital window, but Halid grabs her and puts her unconscious.

Eva and Mar somehow reunite after their recent ordeals and look for Sofia. Eva suspects that Halid took her sister to the mine and warn Guillen, and he offers to take them there.

At the mine, Doctor Belda Guzman and Halid have Sofia. Sofia asks Halid what happens after the fifth veil, and he replies, “Hell.” Halid, who is back to his senses, tells Sofia to run while he deals with Belda, but before she can, he kills Halid. Belda takes Sofia to the mine and tells her that Umma will protect them.

The ending

Sofia tells Umma that she will not perform the last veil. The demon kills Belda, and then it walks back through the gate. Meanwhile, Eva and Guillen make their way through the mine. Eva is desperate to get to Sofia, but a wall blocks her. Sofia puts a gun down her throat, wanting to end it all. She sees her mother telling her she loves her and isn’t sure what the kingdom will bring but that it will bring them together. She asks if she can hold her and offers a hand.

Sofia saunters towards her mother to hold her hand, but it disappears through the gate. Sofia then asks for the Solitary King, giving herself to the entity, announcing herself as part of the light. She asks for the final veil to be opened. The gate slowly activates, and a sizeable demon-like creature reveals itself, and Sofia screams, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger.

Season 1 ends on a very abrupt cliffhanger, leaving the audience wanting more.

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