Child of Kamiari Month ending explained – does Kanna reunite with her mother?

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 8, 2022
Netflix anime film Child of Kamiari Month ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix anime film Child of Kamiari Month and will contain spoilers. 

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Child of Kamiari Month is quite an emotional journey for Kanna. From having a panic attack to discovering the world of Gods is a seismic change to the character’s life. Kanna’s mission is to deliver a specific food (chiso) to the annual gathering of the Gods, representing the “running God.” The emotional link between Kanna and her deceased mother is running. She dedicates her lifestyle to running after being inspired by her mother. The tale is wrapped in grief and trauma, a child living that hole in her life every day. And so, with her new mission, one of her companions, Shiro, gives her hope that she will be reunited with her mother again when she visits the Gods.

Netflix anime film Child of Kamiari Month ending explained

After becoming disillusioned with her mission after being fooled by an imposter God and learning that her mother will not be there at the end, Kanna initially gives up, believing there is no purpose to what she is doing by running to the gathering of the Gods. But there’s a growing realization that she loves running like her deceased mother. With running, comes purpose. Without the amulet revealing the other world, Kanna manages to run to the annual gathering of the Gods anyway, figuring it out by using her intuition, and she delivers the gourd and the food.

Understanding Kanna’s achievement as a young girl, Shiro pleads with a God and asks if Kanna can see her mother. The God explains that they connect fates. Kanna seeing her mother is not her fate, as her mother is dead. It appears the world of Gods does not want to interfere with fate and let the universe run its course. While it’s a traumatic event for Kanna that her mother died, she is where she is meant to be.

However, Kanna has found a newfound perspective after riding the cycle of grief. She does not seem irked that the Gods did not grant her to see her mother because by running and running with purpose, she feels she has met her mother. Through herself, she lives on with her mother’s image. Learning that she loves running like her mother is all she needed.

Kanna will never fill the void she has in her life but by self-discovery and doing what she loves, and living with her mother’s memory, overcoming that grief will be possible. Kanna finished an important chapter in her life by the end of Child of Kamiari Month.

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