Anne+: The Film ending explained – do Anne and Sara break-up?

February 11, 2022
Daniel Hart 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Anne+: The Film and will contain spoilers.

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Throughout Anne+: The Film, lead character Anne is suddenly hit with a reality-check. Without her girlfriend Sara in the country, she’s beginning to understand what she wants in life. With each day passing, the anxiety of joining her partner in Montreal increases, coupled with the pressure of rewriting her book. Anne is facing a crossroads in her relationship, which is also poly. By experiencing different ways of pleasure and communication with Lou, Anne is struggling, and her life in Amsterdam becomes clearer. It’s a drama depicting the pitfalls of a modern relationship.

Netflix film Anne+: The Film ending explained

As the film enters the closing stages of the third act, Sara decides to visit Anne in Amsterdam before they head back to Montreal. Anne’s anxiety increases, especially since she slept with Lou the night before. Anne spends time with Sara, and it feels like turmoil for the character. You can sense the overwhelming love she has for Sara, but there’s something quite not right.

Unable to keep silent, Anne decides to broach the subject with Sara late in the night. She tells her that she’s breaking up with her, which comes at a shock for Sara. What unfolds are the best scenes in the film. The two women attempt to get their points across while remaining cool, but it’s impossible. Everything Anne had bottled up all comes out at once. Anne feels like she’s had zero say in their relationship and that all decisions have been made my Sara. She does not feel listened to, and raises how there’s been no space offered to raise her “wants and needs.” It’s a sad scene because the characters definitely have genuine love for each other. Sara even expresses her desire of a “lifetime” with Anne, but Anne meekly points out that it will always be on her terms.

While it’s not necessarily clear, it’s abundantly obvious that Anne and Sara break-up.

But, not all break-ups are doom and gloom. Anne walks away from her relationship with Sara with a sense of clarity, and knowing what she wants. She understands the importance of communication and mature love. Many lessons are learned by the end of the film, and the messages will resonate with the audience. An end of a relationship, even if heavy and full of love, does not have to be doom and gloom. Sometimes the end of a relationship is just what a person needs. And in this case, Anne shows growth by the end of the film.

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