Marry Me (2022) ending explained – who does Kat end up with?

February 11, 2022
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Peacock film Marry Me Ending Explained

This article discusses the ending of the Peacock film Marry Me (2022) so will contain spoilers. 

We knew going into the film that Kat was on the verge of marrying Bastain until she found out right before the glorious on-stage wedding that he was cheating on her with the assistant. The events followed to her marrying this random guy in the crowd holding a ‘marry me’ sign. But with Charlie, her new husband, being the lucky guy and her just breaking up with Bastain, we weren’t sure who Kat would end up with at the end of Marry Me.

As we follow Kat on this journey, she begins to become keen on the idea of her and Charlie being together. He is different from her past husbands; he is funny, charming, supportive, and not overly protective or clamoring to share her spotlight. However, Bastain lingers around and randomly appears from time to time to put that doubt in her head on maybe, just maybe, she wants to go back to him.

Peacock film Marry Me ending explained

We see Kat on Jimmy Fallon with Bastain and Jimmy makes a point about her new song and how Bastain wrote one for her and she wrote one for him and it triggered her to correct Jimmy and say she didn’t write it for Bastain; she wrote it for Charlie. While Kat is coming to this realization, the Mathathon Championship is going on. Lou is on the verge of getting up on the stage to face her fears and overcome choking at the last tournament.

Kat is rushing to find Charlie to tell her how she felt. Charlie is being a good Dad as Lou begins to freeze up on the stage again while the kids make fun of her, Charlie starts to dance like Kat taught her to remember to solve the problem and ignore everything else. While Lou gets the question right, time had expired and their team lost. While Charlie is consoling Lou, Kat tells him how she felt.

In a beautiful little moment, Kat turns around a poster board that says ‘Marry Me,’ and as Charlie is figuring out what he wants to do, she pulls out another board that says ‘Again.’ OBVIOUSLY, Charlie does say yes and they embrace. While it may have been obvious who Kat might end up with, I do think they did a good enough job to put slight doubt in your head.

One last tidbit, don’t forget to check out the film’s credits as they are pretty funny and I enjoyed them quite a bit.

What did you think of the ending of Peacock film Marry Me (2022)? Comment below.

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