AI Love You ending explained – will DOB as Bob win Lana’s heart?

February 16, 2022
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Netflix film AI Love You ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film AI Love You and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller calls AI Love You “has a hackneyed glitch in the script.”

AI Love You is about a young executive named Lana (Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon) who has trouble in her professional and private life. She just blew a presentation at work. Her boss lets Lana know that she needs to sell the next one to the buyer or she is gone. When she goes on a date that night with a simple tool named Bob (Mario Maurer), she leaves him after he belittles her for being late. Oh, and hitting on a group of women right in front of her. Then he shows off his “pink” nipples — his words — and brags about his six-pack, which looks just like a crumpled-up yoke.

Her presentation is saved by DOB, the artificial intelligence (AI) who runs the office tower where she works. DOB is supposed to run the entire building, but he has fallen in love with Laba. However, she rejects him because he is not human. So, as it happens, Bob is a building inspector specializing in AI software. When Bob sees how the AI is stalking Lana, he threatens to wipe out DOB’s memory. So, the AI downloads himself into Bob’s brain. This way, he can practice being human and win Lana over. The only problems are DOB has to learn how to be human, and Lana has to give Bob a second chance.

Soon, DOB, as Bob, slowly begins to win Lana over with his sincerity and child-like charm. (This is because DOB is rebirthed as a human). Lana, of course, then figures out that DOB has taken over Bob’s body and breaks up with him. When the owner of the AI-infused towers learns that DOB has gone rogue, they send a team of assassins to eliminate DOB. That is when love finds a way. As Lana’s friends convince her that AI is common now, why couldn’t love be acceptable with DOB? 

Lana’s AI, Keno, pulls a Chuck and downloads fight moves into her brain. She ends up killing the main bad guy, Mr. Winter, by snapping his neck by just pressing down her foot with authority. This was after most of the AI had been eliminated from Bob. AI Love You ends with both, still together, enjoying breakfast as they reminisce over their lost artificial intelligence. 

Netflix film AI Love You ending explained

What is labeled as a “modern” love story, the Netflix film, AI Love You, is a metaphor for our continuous love affair with technology. It also touches on themes of unconventional forms of love and what it means to be connected to someone. The story is trying to draw comparisons to homosexual and transgender relationships, considered taboo decades prior, even illegal, are now acceptable today. Yet, yes, some people want to make this unlawful and even kill those who are different from them.

Just like DOB in AI Love You.

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