Space Force season 2, episode 2 recap – “Budget Cuts”

By Marc Miller
Published: February 18, 2022
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Netflix Space Force season 2, episode 2 - Budget Cuts


“Budget Cuts” has a great cameo from Patton Oswalt as the series shifts to a workplace “office” comedy.

This recap of Netflix’s Space Force season 2, episode 2, “Budget Cuts,” contains spoilers.

Space Force season 2, episode 2 recap

General Naird and Dr. Mallory are informed that over half will cut their budget at Space Force. If they do not decide what pennies to pinch and save, the United States Government will do that for them. Naird’s first thought is to cut the 3D printers and on-site rover repair. No problem, says Mallory. It is not like we are doing rocket science, he says sarcastically. “Oh wait, it is. Or it was,” he replies to his retort. Meanwhile, General Gregory’s big idea is to turn the lights off in the bathrooms when they use the facilities. 


Dr. Kaifang ignores budget cut plans and is working on a formula with his team to decide if Angela is into him. Meanwhile, what happens on the moon stays on the moon. That is what “Fuck” Tony explains to the astronauts how to answer questions on the potential moon war with China. (You know Roland Emmerich will be all over that idea). Dr. Mallory had to cut a third of his scientists while General Naird closed the executive cafeteria and vending machines.

But don’t worry, Gregory shows up with blatant product placement. He begins to tell anyone who complains is a brat for not appreciating the McNuggets he just showed up with. To make matters worse, Naird is ordered to cut the Mars Mission. Yet, they already have an astronaut head up there who signed up knowing he will return with a lifetime of osteoporosis. However, he cannot go through with it once he finds out that Mallory just had to put his cat down.

A colleague tells Dr. Mallory at NASA that she heard they are interviewing a replacement for General Naird. The problem is Naird has terrible news for him as well. Dr. Mallory curses the sun when General Naird informs him the Mars mission is canceled. Mark crushes his cranberry muffin in his hand when he finds out they try to replace him. There are no plans to give him the four months he was promised. 

So, they have to break the bad news to the man they sent up to the giant red planet. (Played hilariously by comic Patton Oswalt). As they attempt to tell him what has happened, he gives a speech about this is his dream. It’s even all worth it, even though he has not held his infant son since he left. (They tell him that his child’s first words were, “I love Daddy.”). They even tell him his beloved New York Jets are going on to the Super Bowl. (Even though they are in last place).

While Captain Ali is having a press conference about what happened on the moon, there are flashbacks. They show the United States astronauts sitting on the American ship with the Chinese Astronauts. They argue about food. And the mood is ominous. The camera pans directly at that bird Pella Phat snuck on board. What happened on that spaceship?

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