Don’t Kill Me ending explained – what happens to Mirta and Robin?

By Romey Norton
Published: February 21, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
Netflix film Don’t Kill Me ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Don’t Kill Me and will contain spoilers. 

Don’t Kill Me starts with the two young lovers dying due to a drug overdose, very Romeo and Juliet. Mirta crawls out of her grave like something from The Grudge, and we have a sequence of how she and Robin met and fell in love. A classic shy girl meets the handsome, mysterious boy, and opposites attract and now they can’t live without each other.

A lot of well-used cliches in the first 20 minutes. Roughly 35 minutes in Mitra goes off with a guy from a club, he clearly wants to have sex with her and offers her cocaine, when he advances, she bites his neck, savage-vampire style, and kills him.

There are a few graphic sex scenes between Mitra and Robin, which is probably where the 15 rating comes from. The song “not in love” plays over one, which I thought was ironic and made it cheesy. They felt unnecessary. The first sex scene when they were alive feels tamer than the scene where they’ve died and come back as monsters. The point? I’m not sure. That they have developed together in life and after death? Robin was her first, her one and only, which is why she’s searching for him and so attached to him? Either way, sex doesn’t sell in this film, unfortunately. 

Netflix film Don’t Kill Me ending explained

After they have sex, towards the end, it’s revealed that Robin killed Mirta, and knew she’d come back more powerful, and they could spend their lives together. Mirta is clearly not happy with this and there is a shift in her attitude. 

There are shots of the hunters torturing her friend, trying to free them of the curse. Mirta hears her screams and comes to the rescue. A nice twist, as men have been the source of her actions, it’s nice to see her saving a woman and believing in herself. Although, they both get caught. However, when they are both being tortured, Mirta rises and fights off five men and then takes on many more. Without fear, she is driven by anger, not love, and this anger is what will save her.

Mirta and Robin fight, she’s strangling him and tasers him to the floor, leaving him for the hunters, whilst she and her friend escape in a car. Mirta claims that the old Mirta is dead. Obviously leaving her old self behind and embracing this new monster she has become. 

The two drive off, to survive this world together. This is a stronger ending than I imagined. I’m glad for Mirta becoming stronger and more independent. This comes from anger – we all grow from pain and loss, which is reflected here. The fantasy seemingly good relationship was toxic after all, and Mirta may have changed from this experience but hopefully, it is for the better. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. 

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