Don’t Kill Me review – teenage horror-romance isn’t cute or scary

By Romey Norton
Published: February 21, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
Netflix film Dont Kill Me


A story full of clichés, two lovers struggle after coming back to life into a darker world. 

This review of the Netflix film Don’t Kill Me does not contain spoilers. 

Netflix has released the horror-romance film Don’t Kill Me. This film surrounds the story of a young girl called Mitra and her lover Robin. After both die from a drug overdose Mitra comes back to life, but as something darker and more dangerous. The world she lived in was far more dangerous than she could have imagined. Whilst hiding from hunters called the Benadantie, Mirta tries to find the love of her life, so they can be together forever. 

Directed by Andrea De Sica the film is one hour and thirty minutes long and is an adaptation of the novel written by Giacomo Mazzariol. Warner Brothers and Vivo films have come together to create this Italian teen drama film.

In the story Mirta turns into a monster that needs to feed on humans or she will rot away and die, leading her to kill numerous people. The storyline is mediocre and simple, filled with every single cliché in the horror and romance genres. The film is slow, to begin with, but the suspense does build, and I was curious to see how the film would develop and end, hoping for some good character arcs – however, it falls short as there isn’t as much “romance” or “love” other than some sex scenes. Mirta doesn’t chase or try to find Robin as much as I thought she would. That love and desire aren’t there. Mirta in fact “cheats” on Robin. When he comes back into the film, roughly 20 mins before the ending, it feels awkward and unimportant. I liked the hunter’s aspect in this film and the story should have centered around them a lot more. The chase and threat of the hunters drove the story. The two teens having sex doesn’t.

Cinematography is what you expect from the horror genre, dark, moody yet romantic, and peaceful at the same time. The acting is to a good standard, the music is soft,  and the makeup isn’t over-dramatic or offensive. Although, it would have been interesting if they had exaggerated the makeup and prosthetics. They are meant to be flesh-eating monsters, after all. The ending is probably the strongest part. Fighting, blood, guts, and gore. It is fast-paced and filled with action, with a nice conclusion. 

Overall this film is okay, it’s easy to watch on a rainy day if you don’t feel like concentrating. You’d like this film if you’re a fan of films such as Twilight and the series Riverdale, possibly Teen Wolf.

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