Back to 15 season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 25, 2022
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Netflix Back to 15 season 1, episode 6 - the ending explained


This is certainly an uninspiring and basic ending.

This recap of Netflix’s Back to 15 season 1, episode 6 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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As we reach the end of season 1, audiences will be wondering what’s left for the story. Will Anita embrace her adjusted, and seemingly perfect life? Or will she find another reason to keep lurking into the past.

Back to 15 season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

Episode 6 opens with Anita with her father at breakfast. Looking concerned, she asks her father if there’s anything he’d like to share, but he tells her not to worry. At this point, Anita accepts she has to go back to the present, and she thanks all her friends on her photoblog. She knows it’s time to say goodbye to the past for good.

And so, Anita returns to the present. She has her own photography studio in an amazing house. She has the perfect life it seems.

And then, in a moment of confusion that’s quickly answered, she sees Douglas and Carol, who are together. For some reason, she let them sleepover at her house. Carol shares the news that she’s going to the Olympics with her team. She asks about Henrique, and she learns he’s been a musician in Paris for ten years. Anita then meets Camila for dinner; she’s a famous author now and a fan tells her she has changed her life.

Despite the seemingly perfect life for Anita and her friends, Anita learns that her sister is in Sao Paola. Their mum is upset about the situation, and vague about what’s happened. Anita then learns she is going to Paris and she’s super excited to see Henrique. He has an incredible lifestyle.

And so, Henrique and Anita enjoy Paris together, flirting with a life they could have. Meanwhile, Joel is excited to get his first date with Anita. Later on, Anita learns that Henrique used to love her, and she attends one of his gigs. The characters keep flitting between their young and present-day selves to represent young love and mature adults. Anita then gets a reminder that she has a dinner date with Joel, but she removes the notification. Joel has been stood up, and he soon learns that Anita is in Paris with Henrique. He’s heartbroken.

While on a rooftop enjoying the Paris night sky, Henrique tells Anita that he was head over heels for her and eventually goes in for the kiss. Anita reciprocates the kiss. Henrique asks if they can watch the sunrise the next day.

The ending

Feeling stupid about himself, Joel looks at Anita’s old blog and feels like an idiot for confessing his love for her. Finally, Anita gets clarification on her sister; Luiza calls in the middle of the night and clarifies that she hasn’t spoken to their mother in years. She also expresses that she has a “shitty” life and asks Anita to enjoy hers. She puts the phone down abruptly. Anita ponders if she has done all this by going back in time and believes she’s responsible for undoing it all.

And so, Anita tries logging into her photoblog. At the same time, Joel tries logging into her blog too. Joel gets in, but Anita is unable to. Suddenly, Joel goes back in time, and he’s a young boy again, teasing audiences that there will be a sequel.

This is undoubtedly an uninspiring and basic ending.

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