Restless ending explained – do the bad guys get their comeuppance?

February 26, 2022
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This is a detailed ending of the Netflix film Restless (2022) and will contain spoilers.

The film begins with a lot of action and intrigue. A dirty cop named Thomas (played by Franck Gastambide) trying to evade an internal affairs investigation over bribery, whilst trying to attend his mother’s funeral. In the first fifteen minutes we see car crashes, death, searches, money being flushed down the toilet, family feuds, all a bit disjointed, but nonetheless still entertaining. Whilst Thomas is hiding a body he’s killed in a car accident, his co-workers Naomi (Tracy Gotoas) and Marc (Michael Abiteboul) break into his locker and flush away his bribery money. 

The film keeps up the action and drama, but it’s difficult to keep up when the film expects us to believe so many wild things, such as child’s toy in an assessor to murder. The film has insane moments which keep you watching for possible answers and resolutions, but ultimately end up bored and unfulfilled.

As the film continues Thomas is involved in bribery, it turns out the body he knocked down and “potentially” killed served some importance and people are looking for him. We see shotgun wounds on his body, which implies he could have died from those injuries and that’s why they want him back. We learn that Marelli stole drugs and sold them, building an empire, and now he is looking for a key to a vault that stores all the money from the drugs. 

Marc discovers it is Thomas who was involved in the hit and run, by identifying the car. He confronts Thomas and arrests him. Good cop, bad cop. Instead of driving him to the station, he drives him to the docs, telling Thomas he’s returning the money and won’t cover for anyone anymore. Then he gives Thomas the keys to un-cuff himself. 

Netflix film Restless (2022) ending explained

Marelli kills Marc by dropping a container in the car, killing all chances of something good in the world. I did expect the car to blow up, but the container is a nice, dramatic touch. Thomas threatens Marelli saying he will confess everything, but Marelli is at his house with his sister and daughter, so Thomas has to find this key. 

Towards the end, there is a bomb, and the timer on the bomb is ticking. Thomas and Marelli fight, and we hear a gunshot with them both falling into a reservoir. The next scene is Thomas in the back of an ambulance, promising his little girl he will be home soon. Thomas resigns from his job and Naomi is promoted to lieutenant.

Wanting to keep Marc’s reputation clean, Naomi gives Thomas the vault key, suggesting that he donates his severance pay to Marc’s widow and he says that he will. Next scene, Thomas opens the vault to see stacks and stacks of money. So Thomas, the bad guy, comes out as a winner. After all this drama and bad choices, he and his family come out okay. It’s a neat, rounded, complete ending to the story, finishing with as much drama as when it started. However, finding it hard to connect to the lead, it’s not exciting when you find all this money. It could lead to a sequel though, so watch out for a Restless part two. 

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