The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure ending explained – do the crew find the gold?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: March 2, 2022 (Last updated: Yesterday)
Netflix film The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix K-Drama film The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure and will contain spoilers. 

As The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure takes shape, the quest for gold becomes clearer. At first, the diverse crew stumbles upon the red herring of silver bottles, before Moo-chi inspires the group to continue their real pursuit for royal treasure. Of course, it’s not easy, with Heung-soo gaining certain advantages, but either way Hae-rang’s crew end up on Inazuma island, in spite of the unforgiving weather conditions, ready to find what they desire.

Netflix film The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure ending explained

As Hae-rang and co. find their feet in Inazuma island, ready to search for the gold, things start to get a bit more complicated. Heung-soo, who wishes to use the prized royal gold to leverage his chances at becoming a king, has also found his way there, aiming to destroy Hae-rang’s ship and escape with the money-making treasure scot free along the way.

In due time, Moo-chi ends up going alone to try and tackle the antagonist he has an ugly past with, leaving the rest of the crew scattered about in search of the bounty. As it turns out, the unpopular temporary Captain Mak-yi discovers the first gold bar, after stumbling upon a penguin who has it stuffed in its mouth.

A little further on, Moo-chi stalks Heung-soo’s maneuvering but finds himself spotted by an archer who attempts to kill him. Either way, the bounty is not where the two enemies are situated, but it doesn’t stop them from dueling over what is presumed by the villain to be the final clue in finding the gold.

However, Moo-chi, in typical fashion, throws the clue off the cliff, where it ends up hitting Mak-yi, who was pulled into the water by the penguin he was pursuing. There, the lanky shipmate discovers the cave he’s supposed to enter, which ultimately results in him finding the gold (as well as more penguins, who don’t take kindly to him).

By the time conflicts end, Mak-yi has guided the new, gold-filled boat to the crew, Moo-chi and his small ensemble have been rescued, and Han Goong has found out that his own love, Hae Geum, is still alive. They share touching moments together, and set off, ready to reap the rewards for the royal treasure they found.

When time skips on, Hae-rang extends an offer to the bandit Moo-chi which would see him stay on the ship. He hesitates at first before accepting, and the ending scene sees the two share a kiss as the rest of the crew look on in disgust.

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