Pieces Of Her season 1, episode 6 recap – Andy’s involved in an endless cat and mouse chase

By Adam Lock
Published: March 4, 2022
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Netflix Pieces Of Her season 1, episode 6


Laura and Andy’s stories align as a cat and mouse chase ensues, surrounding a suitcase filled with money.

This recap of Netflix’s Pieces Of Her season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

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Episode six continues with the same format I’d praised in the previous episode, yet the gimmick has unfortunately worn off. This time the flashbacks concentrate on the aftermath of the Martin Queller assassination. There’s no 80s romance to ogle at, instead, the gang is on the run from the FBI and must hide out in an abandoned warehouse. Jane struggles to cope with this new treacherous life and Jessica Barden conveys this loss of innocence perfectly. The road from Jane to Laura is slowly taking shape.

Pieces Of Her season 1, episode 6 recap

As with previous chapters, the transition between timelines is seamless. In the present day, Laura meets with Jasper at Quell Corp for a heated debate. This is our first interaction between the two siblings in modern times. Laura remarks about Jasper’s likeness to his father and they discuss Andy’s antics. Their bickering highlights just how layered this story is and it’s a testament to author Karin Slaughter’s attention to detail. Laura leaves this conversation with no new information, continuing her search for her missing daughter.

Andy meanwhile is retracing Michael Vargas’ steps and finds the hallowed suitcase under his hotel bed. There is something vitally important about this suitcase brimming with dollars, but this remains unresolved. Jasper’s cronies retrieve the money and Andy stealthily follows them. In another farfetched scene, Andy manages to get into the goon’s car through the boot and travels to an unknown destination. This episode is plagued by this endless cat and mouse chase, but there’s no real tension to it.

Back in the restless 80s, Jane goes to check up on their hostage and is attacked. Nick is then stabbed by their prisoner and he slits her throat, mirroring Laura’s actions with the gunman in episode one. This imitation adds extra significance to that shocking scene. The FBI drop in moments later and raid the hideout. A member of the gang is shot and the rest barely escape. This complete reversal between Jane’s dreamy romance and their current, pitiful existence is effective. Laura later addresses her motives for sticking with Nick in a dialogue with her daughter Andrea at a public place.

The ending

That momentous scene in question is anticlimactic, to say the least. Meeting in a café, Laura and Andy are reunited for the first time since the ending of the opening episode. They hug it out before Andy interrogates her mother. This new no-nonsense Andrea reels off a list of all the lies she’s uncovered and Laura responds with a pathetic ‘sorry’. Andy asks if Nick is her father and it’s finally confirmed by Laura to be true. Laura explains that he is wanted by the FBI and is out to kill them both. As long as Laura is alive, she can testify against him. The exchange ends with a discussion about the suitcase, Laura pleads ignorance on the matter but then escapes with it. Poor Andy, who appeared ready to forgive, is back to square one again, unable to trust even her dear old mother.

Episode six suffers from similar issues to earlier episodes with the incessant use of silly, unrealistic scenarios and a knack for overkill on the exposition. Nevertheless, there are some great moments, especially the mirroring deaths and a few animated discussions between family members. Hopefully, the series is gearing up towards a worthy finale.

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