Making Fun season 1 review – if the kids can dream it, the makers can make it

By Romey Norton
Published: March 4, 2022
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Netflix reality series Making Fun season 1


Experienced makers come together to create the insane things kids come up with. 

Netflix reality series Making Fun season 1 came out on the streaming service on March 4, 2022. 

This series, led by Jimmy DiResta, puts expert makers to the test as they are brought together to bring the ideas from children to life. DiResta promises that “some builds will be good, some builds will be bad, but all of them will be absolutely pointless,” and boy, he delivered. There are 6 episodes all at just under 40 minutes each and each one has something different, incredible, and unique to offer. None of these creations serve any purpose other than to entertain and show children that what they dream can become a reality, and that is an amazing achievement. 

I was hooked from the first episode. Children have more insane and wild imaginations than the average sober adult, so watching to see if these can be made and brought to life is very interesting and exciting. Pitched in the first episode alone is the “Dino-Taco-toilet”, a giant dinosaur that vomits tacos. I want one for my next party, to be honest. They bring in sky dancers, those toys that would fly around your house and almost kill you. I was terrified for a giant one of those, luckily that wasn’t created. 

Other ideas that are brought to the table are a catapult that flings cat poop (also need), a fart-humidifier that sucks up your farts and keeps them for later for you to use on your enemies, a unicorn bike that can have magical, unicorn farts, and many more things you can only dream of. All amazing ideas that you have to see to believe. 

This format is fun, new (I haven’t seen this done before), and enjoyable to watch. Both adults and children can enjoy this show, which I hope will inspire children to get away from the social media, online, video-game world and get them into the physical, creative world. 

The makers being quite grumpy, mean, and serious is such a great contrast compared to the hyper-happy, energetic children. The fact DiResta says he doesn’t really like children, and now he’s working for them, made me laugh and gave a chilled vibe to the series. The children are able to come through on a screen whilst they’re building to ask questions and ask for updates, DiResta is never impressed when this happens. Very entertaining. Not arse-kissing-kids is great to watch. Without being mean or crude, the kids have a great time. All the makers have great chemistry and you can tell they’re having fun! 

The filming is clever; whilst they are making parts of the objects we are getting a tutorial that children could understand. Explanations of what they are doing, why, what tools, and how those tools work. They make the work look easy, fun, and achievable. With fun, funky music, lots of colors, and action I’ll be surprised if this series doesn’t get a second and third season.

I’d recommend you watch it if you’ve got children, if you’re into reality craft programs and if you’re looking for something new to watch. 

What did you think of the Netflix reality series Making Fun season 1? Comment below.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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4 thoughts on “Making Fun season 1 review – if the kids can dream it, the makers can make it

  • March 5, 2022 at 12:19 am

    I was watching this ‘Kid’s Show’ with my kids where an episode of them making a dinosaur, one of the woodworking guys says the words “fake a$$…” . If I had known they would have let the word ‘a$$’ slip by I wouldn’t have allowed my 6 and 8 year old kids to watch.

  • March 5, 2022 at 3:47 am

    Not sure how skilled they are. During the Cata/poop episode when they were carrying wood in, one of them says about carrying in a 4″x4″, and clearly when you see what they are carrying, its an 8″x8″ piece of wood. And this is said at least twice during the show, and i think it was Jimmy that said it (i’m not 100% about that”

  • March 6, 2022 at 5:26 am

    I don’t care about a few slip ups with cussing. My problem is there are no women on your team. I watched this show with my daughter and son for the first time. Next one is UNICORN cycle and I am sure to be just as excited as the Dinosaur taco episode. Both my kids really enjoy this show but they are smart enough to know that women should be part of your team. Condiments could have definitely been dispensed out of that T-Rex’s body somewhere but you probably would have needed a women to help you design that.

  • March 12, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    My husband and I watched it and found it lots of fun, word slips and all! We were watching to see if my grandson would like it. He is 5 and very smart!!! We think he and his cousins would love this show!!!! Wondering how I can get him and his cousin on there to make their invention. Read the other reviews and found them ridiculously picky. #1. If you teach your child right from wrong then they should know not to say Ass in public.Also it’s Netflix they can say what they want, so if you don’t like it Don’t watch.# 2 So they said the wrong size piece of wood , big deal, like a kid really knows. #3 So what if there is No Females, if you and the other women in your child’s life project yourself as strong confident women, they won’t care if there are women on the show! Your the parent you teach them that not the TV! Plenty of other shows that promote that. So yes I would love to see more seasons and eould love to have my grandson on the show. Also in future seasons maybe the kids could actually help with some of the builds providing they are strictly supervised and don’t actually use rhe dangerous stuff themselves.

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