Byron Baes season 1 review – Breaking Byron, the influencers heaven

By Romey Norton
Published: March 9, 2022
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Netflix reality series Byron Baes season 1


An insight into the hottest spot down under for influencers and creatives.

Netflix reality series Byron Baes season 1 will be released on the streaming service on March 9, 2022. 

Netflix has blessed us with the docusoap reality series Byron Baes, a series that takes a look at Australia’s artists, creatives, and influencers living in Byron. With dreamy beaches and beautiful creatives, what could go wrong? Each episode is roughly 45 minutes and it is filled with drama, bitchyness, comedy, and romance. We witness the lives of fashion designers, photographers, singers, influencers, and their managers with all that Byron has to offer.  

Who doesn’t love the sun, sea and beautiful beaches of Australia? Their version of Married at First Sight has been such a huge success that audiences are wanting more from down under. This series has a Big Brother, Made In Chelsea vibe, where we have fly-on-the-wall style shooting, mixed with personal interviews talking directly to the camera. 

There is definitely a Byron “type”, and in this place, you either make it or you don’t; it will push you out as quickly as it sucks you in and there is pride and arrogance from the people of Byron. So, will the two newbies from the Gold Coast make it? You’ll have to watch and see. 

Whilst this series features influencers, it is mostly about their lives rather than their careers. A girl who is there for her music seems more interested in finding a Byron boyfriend. Jade (who claims to be the most followed man in Australia on social media) throws an awesome launch party on a yacht for his new Fake Tan brand and we do see a lot of content created, but the drama is what we’re really watching for. The show does showcase Australian creatives; the growing influencers in Byron. There are interviews with each creative, letting us get to know them deeper than their Instagram page, although it is focused on fitting in, rather than being yourself. A lot of them wear white — whether this is to help showcase the beautiful landscape around them, to make them look regal or ethereal, I’m not sure, but there’s a lot of white. 

I was hooked from the first episode, to be honest, this series is great escapism from everyday life and when you need a meaningless distraction, this is the type of show you want. The creatives are fun to watch, they are entertaining, not offensively rude or annoying, some people are sickly sweet and some are salty, so there is a great mixture. 

There are beautiful shots of the fun stuff like surfing, swimming, and the whole desirable beach life. This is way more fun to watch than people bragging about their life since becoming an influencer. 

All in all, Byron looks like an awesome place to visit, if you’ve got thick skin. It could be the place for creatives and influencers to enhance their careers, and why wouldn’t they want to, there is some seriously good money in it. I’d recommend this series if you’ve enjoyed similar reality shows, if you’re interested in the influencer lifestyle and if you’re looking for a new reality series to watch.

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