Queer Eye Germany season 1 review – more Fab Five goodness, now with a fresh European twist

March 9, 2022
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Netflix series Queer Eye Germany season 1


This new Fab Five are just as optimistic and supportive as their American counterparts, if not quite on the same magical level. They deliver a fun and uplifting spin-off worthy of your time.

This review of the Netflix series Queer Eye Germany season 1 does not contain spoilers.

The 2018 Netflix revival of Queer Eye was a huge success, making stars out of its Fab Five, whilst spawning six seasons and countless specials. This winning formula has now been transposed over the pond to the culturally diverse country of Germany. There’s a new Fab Five to get acquainted with, yet the format remains firmly unchanged. Fans of the American series should find this latest spin-off to be more than adequate viewing, with five exciting episodes to binge this spring.

Episode one starts by introducing our new Fab Five. There is David, head of beauty, an influencer and hair and makeup artist, the one with face tattoos. Next, we have Jan-Henrik the dapper dandy in charge of fashion. Leni is your life guru and identifies as non-binary. Then there’s Aljosha a nutrition consultant, doctor, and YouTuber, he’s health of course. And finally Ayan the interior designer. These five aren’t quite on the same level as our American team, there’s not that same spark, but they are just as motivational and clearly experts in their chosen fields.

Each episode follows the exact same formula as before, opening with the Fab Five (‘tolle funf’ if you will – my German GCSE not going to waste) introducing this week’s ‘hero’, as they drive to their location. They snoop around their house and get to know the individual. As always this gives the team a chance to be silly and sassy, seeing what they’ve actually got themselves in for. The great thing about Queer Eye is how this format works perfectly in any country, any language, with its universal USP.

The gang works their magic on their chosen ‘hero’ and helps to support this individual in overcoming certain hurdles, both mentally and physically. In season one they assist a shy single father, a mother who has lost her self-worth, and a 22-year-old man who is yet to come out to his friends or family. Then there is an eighteen-year-old, who lost her entire family to a heart defect and had a heart transplant herself. And last but not least, Eugen, a film fanatic, who has dealt with many dreadful events in his life. The gang is on hand to uplift these five heroes and bring them the happiness they deserve.

It’s an emotional and enriching show, where you can learn life tips whilst being entertained. The transformations are always great and they work with genuine, deserving people. I have to admit I did shed the odd tear. There’s lots of hugging and finger-clicking from our Fab Five as they deliver motivational mantras and plenty of innuendoes. Obviously, the American reboot was always going to be hard to beat, but this European addition makes a valiant effort.

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