Life After Death with Tyler Henry season 1 review – the world’s most renowned medium is back with a new series

By Romey Norton
Published: March 10, 2022
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Netflix reality series Life After Death with Tyler Henry season 1


The 26-year-old medium takes us on a personal journey, helping regular people find comfort and closure.

Netflix reality series Life After Death with Tyler Henry season 1 is out on the streaming service on March 11, 2022

Tyler Henry is one of the most renowned mediums in the world, with over 300,000 people on his waitlist, and I will be joining it. This humble American sweetheart has been a medium to the stars and reads people such as Boy George, Oprah, La Toya Jackson, and many more. You can watch these readings on his popular show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, which is also worth a watch.

His new series Life After Death with Tyler Henry has more to offer than just readings. We get a deeper insight when it comes to Tyler’s personal and family life. This series goes into how Tyler discovered he has these powers, where he grew up, where he first began his readings, his tour, his partner and, I think most importantly, the relationship with his mother, and their journey into their family history.

In each episode we follow Tyler as he gives multiple readings. He doesn’t know who he will be reading, and his friend Rebecca or his mum drives him to the secret location. There are some deep, harrowing stories that people have gone through, and the hope and closure Tyler is able to give them is so powerfully moving, and kind. As the series continues, we learn how these readings have a physical effect on Tyler, his mental and physical health, and how he carries on. From his TV shows to his live shows, fame, success, and how Tyler has helped people all over the world find closure, Tyler is such a calming presence, who gives the impression he is here on this planet to deliver messages, to help, and to heal.

We follow the journey of Tyler and his mum discovering his mum’s dramatic past and childhood and their family history. Without giving too much away, Tyler clearly wants to help his mum and feels a little powerless, so seeks help from specialists. This shows that he is a regular person and that his powers don’t have all the answers. This series is teaching us that we can find our own help and closure without the powers of a medium. We’re being taught to trust our own instincts, intuition, gut feelings as they all mean something and serve a purpose.

Tyler uses his art to help channel his gifts. He doodles and scribbles in front of his guests, asking for no information, he connects with the energies around him and gives a reading. It’s a simple format that is repeated, but it doesn’t get boring or over-done, as each story is different and special in its own way. He is very respectful in keeping certain information hidden from the cameras in sensitive readings.

These gifts are also used to help unsolved case files, which include missing persons and murders. The people Tyler reads are so vulnerable, and their stories can be so serious, it is so lovely and clever how Tyler is able to turn the conversation back around into something positive.

Overall, this series is intriguing, mesmerizing, and an emotional journey. If you’re a fan of Tyler’s, of spiritualism, mediums, or have a keen interest, or you’re just intrigued, this is the show for you. The series is clean and polished with nice, calming music, no harsh lighting, and kind cinematography. A great series.

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