Upload season 2, episode 4 recap – “Family Day”

March 11, 2022
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“Family Day” is equipped with digital babies, humping Roombas, and a winning performance from Andy Allo.

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“Family Day” is equipped with digital babies, humping Roombas, and a winning performance from Andy Allo.

This recap of Amazon’s Upload season 2, episode 4, “Family Day” contains spoilers.

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Upload season 2, episode 4 recap

Team LUDDS includes Matteo (Royal Pains’ Paulo Costanzo), Ivan (The Big Bang Theory’s Josh Banday), and Nora (Chicago Fire’s Andy Allo). They drive in the middle of the night to what looks like an abandoned warehouse. As they go inside, they find the lifeless bodies of several people. All of them have uploaded and stored their bodies in a factory in case they can upload. Whoever it is, they are regrowing their heads. They are using stem cells as blood is drawn from their lifeless carcasses. Each is floating in moon pools that look like they have been ripped off from Minority Report. It is the master plan of the one percent, says Matteo.

Nora attempts to save one of them. That’s until she finds out it’s Jake Paul. She decides against it.

Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) shows off her new tongue, in which she just purchased an extension. Nathan’s mom and niece, Neveah (GunpowdeR Milkshakes’ Chloe Coleman) is in Lake View for family day. They are even giving away A.I. babies with tons of hidden fees. While Nathan is enjoying his day, he sees Nora’s avatar in the distance. He thinks it is an intern, Tinsley. This time though, it is the honest Nora, and she lets Nathan know. He doesn’t get a chance to tell her why he didn’t respond to her passionate feelings. Ingrid then swoops him away to take his mom to the memory parlor.

Meanwhile, Luke has brought in an old army buddy on a day pass to play two A. I. Guy’s in a game of tennis where you can only score by getting hit in the testicles. After Luke invites Aleesha to take the day to play with them, the A.I. Guys merge, and she unleashes her inner Williams by hitting the A.I. Guy point after point to his delight.

Matteo finally enters Lake View as the A.I. Guy avatar Nora created. While talking to her, he is humped by Ivan’s Roomba like a tiny poodle. He gives Nora a hyper loom at the concierge desk to destroy the family day. (Wouldn’t the people at Horizon review the video and track Nora being the one to place it there?). When the weapon goes off, all of the A.I.’s begin to spout off the LUDDS manifesto.  

“Abolish Lake View, Delete the Rich” is repeated repeatedly. Including at the memory parlor, over the television, Nathan and his family are watching old home movies. Nora, now feeling bad, deletes the virus by first shutting down the A.I. Guy.

The ending

The episode ends with Ingrid realizing that Nathan is only in love with her when she isn’t herself. But all is forgotten when Nathan tells her he may want to have a fake Haley Joel Osment someday, only digital  Also, Nora gets a standing ovation at Horizon for her tremendous savvy under pressure.

Will Nora ditch the LUDDS to concentrate on her promotion at Horizon? More importantly, with what appears to be a new rift with Matteo, will she reestablish a relationship with Nathan?

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