Life & Beth season 1 – why are Beth and Liz not friends anymore?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 18, 2022 (Last updated: March 8, 2023)
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Why are Beth and Liz not friends anymore in Life & Beth season 1 - hulu series

This article, “why are Beth and Liz not friends anymore,” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Life & Beth season 1.

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Oh, boy. This question has been asked throughout the entire series, and no one seems to have an answer. Well, not until one of Life & Beth’s best episodes, “MRI”. As an adult, when Beth brings up the subject of Liz to her old high school friends on Long Island, things often turn uncomfortable. Obviously, not knowing the situation yet, one would think Liz would come to the funeral and the wake for Beth’s mother, Jane. At least reach out with a phone call? Beth never receives that phone call. When Beth spots her at a local fair, she is cold and doesn’t offer condolences after Beth tells her that Jane passed away. 

When Beth works through her childhood memories, Beth and Liz have a falling out in flashbacks. Beth knows why, but they do not talk about it. Liz gives Beth a letter to give to Jane. Strange? Of course. She even makes Beth promise not to read it. She does, however, and sees that Liz says some hurtful things to Jane about how she hated her and broke up her family. Beth becomes upset and angry, and after Beth confronts Liz, they fight in the hallway.

Why are Beth and Liz not friends anymore in Life & Beth season 1?

The 90s kids are not alright. Liz wrote the letter because her father had had an affair with Jane. As a human being, Beth’s mom does not exactly have it going on in the good person department. Liz’s mom even confronted Jane about the affair and begged her not to break up her family. All Jane could say was how her issue is really with her husband. When Beth confronts Liz about her letter, she breaks her trust, and she feels that Beth chose her mother over him.

Based on Beth’s memories, they never talk again until that day at the fair. Beth lost her best friend. All for a relationship that Jane ended a few months later.

The question is: Will Beth and Liz ever be able to let go of the past and forgive each other as they did with their parents?

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