Windfall (2022) ending explained – do the hostages escape?

March 18, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Windfall which will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut writer, Adam Lock, called WindfallAn empty thriller that wastes its great cast and concept on a lifeless script.

Netflix’s latest release, a home invasion thriller, is peppered throughout with many twists and turns, which all impact our three leads in deadly ways. The most important of these is the arrival of the couple’s gardener. This kind-hearted, wholesome fellow is so proud of his work that he persuades the gang to come outside to look at his achievements. The gardener talks of planting a great oak tree at the center of the garden, showing the CEO his grand designs. The CEO is asked to sign off on the plans but secretly writes a message on the paperwork instead.

The message reads ‘Call 911’ and is quickly spotted by our incompetent thief. He chases after the gardener and holds him at gunpoint. Now Segel’s crook has three hostages to deal with. The once restrained wife finally loses her composure and blasts her husband, stating that he has now jeopardized everyone’s lives with his needless act. The CEO is also losing patience, frustrated at a situation completely out of his control. He confronts their captor, calling him worthless and a coward. In retaliation, the provoked criminal fires his gun into the air. This scares the gardener, who bolts. He trips on the carpet and falls headfirst into the glass door, slashing his throat in the process. The gardener bleeds to death in Nobody’s arms.

The wife sees where this is all heading and starts to panic. She tries to calm the thief, saying how it was an accident and that he is not a killer. The wealthy couple have finally shed their brattish, relaxed persona and are now desperately clawing for survival. The thief’s money eventually arrives and he sends the Wife to collect it.

Earlier in the film, the Wife spoke about her foot tattoo, which her husband had asked to be removed. The tattoo represents the CEO’s hold over her, some clever symbolism. As she nervously walks over to retrieve the ransom, she looks down at this tattoo once more. A car speeds by and you can tell she’s considering ditching her controlling husband in that moment, but she changes her mind at the last second. She takes the money back inside the house, totally blanking the man she’s married.

Netflix film Windfall (2022) ending explained

Once the wife is safely retied, the thief counts through his winnings and goes to leave. At the door, the wife tells Nobody that her tattoo was a rose, which he shrugs off and then the CEO makes a blasé grunt. The thief turns back and sits opposite the CEO, unable to leave without a parting comment. He tells him the truth, how he wanted to live like the billionaire, to see how it felt, that the husband is a disgusting man and life just doesn’t seem fair. Meanwhile, the wife frantically cuts herself free using a fallen shard of glass. As the thief leaves he bends down to tie his laces and she beats him over the head with a marble ornament, striking the man again until he’s dead.

The CEO laughs hysterically, shocked that his partner has killed their captor. He asks her to untie him, but she shoots him dead instead. The Wife cleans the gun of her fingerprints and places it in the burglar’s grip. She frames it so that the thief will appear as the murderer. Now she will inherit the billionaire’s fortune and escape without any consequences. The Wife is victorious, killing both men and taking what they had needlessly fought over.

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