Minx season 1, episode 8 recap – “Oh, so you’re the sun now? You’re the giver of life”

By Ricky Valero
Published: April 7, 2022
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HBO Max series Minx season 1, episode 8


While the episode might not have been the strongest we have seen to date, the show has never been hotter with Doug and Joyce on the outs. They did a great job of setting up the final two episodes of season one.

This recap of the HBO Max series Minx season 1, episode 8, “Oh, so you’re the sun now? You’re the giver of life,” contains spoilers.

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We are coming off the best episode of the series with Minx flying off the shelves. We see that the magazine is now the talk of the town. Joyce struggled with the tough feedback while Doug was on cloud nine. The episode ended with Joyce standing tall and finally getting her moment. Where will the magazine go from here? I am still waiting for Tina and Joyce to go head to head, will it finally happen?

Minx season 1, episode 8 recap

When the show opens, we flashback to 1968, when Joyce is working a farm grabbing some eggs from a chicken coup. Then, we flash to her prepping for her upcoming big interview on The Dick Cavett Show by reading over her lines. What an interesting little intertwining here. I am not sure how I feel about the story here, but let’s see where it goes.

Next, we see Doug at a bar talking up a guy named Billy about possibly working together. He is trying to talk to him about being the next cover model of Minx.

We transition to seeing Bambi, Richie, and Tina mucking it up, where she reveals that she slept with Doug again. I am still upset that I didn’t see this coming. I could’ve sworn these two were strictly business. However, I am not sure I LOVE this storyline either. I wanted more from Tina other than being Doug’s lover/keeper of the peace.

We see Doug makes it in time to the studio. Next, Bambi, Richie, and Tina are on the couch preparing for the moment they’ve been waiting for, Joyce on The Dick Cavett Show. The banter back and forth right off the bat between Dick and Joyce is fantastic. They both played well off each other. So here we are with another transition into 1968 again, which makes us realize that we see this because Joyce was undercover trying to work on a story.

Richie and Bambi are grilling Tina about her relationship with Doug, how this isn’t the first time this has happened and they don’t want to see her hurt again.

Dick brings on a special guest in Victoria and he knows what he is doing by bringing her on to take on Joyce. Doug and Victoria had a brief conversation in the back where he mentioned that he was in charge of Minx and the success of Joyce. Victoria brings this up and Joyce is floored. They get Doug onto the stage with the ladies during the commercial break.

Doug talks on the stage and Victoria throws Doug into the fire to Joyce and the battle is about to go down.

The ending

Doug and Joyce go head to head on the stage and this is not going as she planned. Doug announces Billy Brunson will be posing on the front cover of the next issue of Minx. Joyce struggles because she has no idea that was the plan. We see the flashback of when Joyce was working on the piece at her last job and they changed her entire article to something else. It brought the whole thing full circle of her working with her old boss and now with Doug.

Joyce and Doug are going at it, FINALLY! We saw this coming and Doug lays down the law about Minx and how it isn’t just her baby, it’s his and she hands her paperwork over for issue three to Doug and quits. She is heartbroken.

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