The Dropout season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: April 7, 2022
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Hulu series The Dropout season 1, episode 8 - Lizzy - the finale and ending explained


An anticlimactic finale where the filmmakers concentrate on Amanda Seyfried’s stunning portrayal of the billionaire’s breakdown instead of offering closure to the story.

This recap of the Hulu series The Dropout season 1, episode 8, “Lizzy,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Does a great show need a great ending? It’s a question that has long been debated by audiences and critics alike for decades now. Popular series’ like Lost and Game of Thrones have polarised fans with ambiguous or lackluster finales. A poor ending can ruin the experience that came before it, leaving a bad taste in the mouth, whereas a great one can solidify a show in the history books. A good finale doesn’t need to pull out all the stops though, just stick to the show’s true ethos and themes, delivering an emotional or structured resolution.

The Dropout season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

“Lizzy” isn’t a terrible ending per se, it just feels like an anti-climax, a slight disappointment. Although, it has to be said, the writers are only working with the facts they have at hand, this is after all a story that is still unfinished. Here’s what happened in The Dropout finale.

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, phoned all of her Board members after that damning newspaper article was released at the end of episode seven. She manages to convince them with talk of slander and misogyny, blaming the Wall Street Journal writer John Carreyrou. Episode eight is all about saving face and planning your exit strategy. Sunny starts to talk with his lawyers and finalizes an escape plan for himself, whilst other employees and those closest to Elizabeth are preparing to flee this sinking ship as well.

The final nail in the coffin comes from Erika Cheung, who files a complaint with CMS, a federal agency. This complaint allows CMS full access to Theranos’ laboratories and they are immediately closed due to gross failures. With the labs closed for at least two years pending, which in turn ceases any further production, colleagues start to show their true colors. Sunny and Elizabeth have a gripping argument, filled with manipulation and mind games, where all the truth comes blurting out. Their relationship is truly messed up, ending with Sunny stroking Elizabeth’s hair, interspersed with clenched fists of rage.

The ending

As the pressure mounts, Elizabeth prepares for an onscreen apology via an all-important interview, yet struggles to admit defeat. She can’t quite accept fault, repeating the same old lies as the cracks truly start to show. Amanda Seyfried is magnificent in this subtle, understated performance. Her parents and closest colleagues verbalise their disappointment after the interview and she teeters on the edge of a breakdown, but remains stoic. Seyfried has to receive some award recognition for this amazing portrayal of the deluded entrepreneur.

Elizabeth’s mental state remains resolute until the final scene of the series, in which she screams ferociously after her old colleague Linda berates her for an acceptance of fault. This denial and deluded behavior spearheads Elizabeth’s persona, she cannot admit defeat and will not give in at any cost. As the closing captions state, she continues with her life, even with impending lawsuits and jail time. She escapes any real retribution because that was the reality when this show began production. This is an ongoing trial, and we’ll have to wait along with all the real life players in this piece for any actual reprisal.

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