Dancing on Glass ending explained – what happened on the opening night?

April 8, 2022
Daniel Hart 2
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Dancing on Glass, which will contain spoilers.

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There’s plenty to dissect in the final act of Dancing on Glass. After many scenes and moments of skewed reality, the opening night of the ballet arrives—the stress and anxiety peak, with Irene overcoming mental hurdles to make it to the stage.

Irene does make it to the opening night, but a familiar face helps her. Aurora enters backstage despite her leg injury and keeps her promise of being by her side when she performs. So it’s no surprise that Irene puts in the best performance of her life. Dancing on Glass does not show the ballet in half-measures. There’s plenty of choreography on show. Aurora stays next to the stage and drinks in every move that Irene pulls off, moving in synchronicity with her.

And with that, it looks like the film had a more uncomplicated ending, but then it turns dark to bring a twist.

Netflix film Dancing on Glass ending explained

During a break in the performance, the ballet director Norma notices that Aurora is backstage, which irritates her. She tells Aurora to leave, accusing her of being delusional and believing she will ruin Irene’s big night. Irene watches Aurora and Norma argue, and it continues to escalate. Aurora argues that her presence helps Irene due to the special connection they have, but Norma continuously reminds her that she will never dance again.

Even with Irene asking Norma to let Aurora stay changes nothing, and a scuffle breaks out. Aurora pushes Norma over, and the ballet director smashes her head onto the edge of a table, and she’s presumably dead as blood gushes from her. This was undoubtedly a moment of manslaughter. But despite this shocking moment, Aurora tells Irene that she needs to finish her performance.

And so, Irene does. She continues to grace the stage, bringing the end to a barnstorming opening night. Before she can even be applauded by the audience and congratulated by her family, Irene grabs Aurora’s hand backstage and runs up the stairs to the rooftop.

Scenes between the real world and their reality merge as the universe they had created for each other, which is full of joy, love, and bliss surrounds them. Aurora’s mother suspects something ominous is happening and makes her way to the rooftop. She sees her daughter standing hand in hand with Irene. Scenes show both women near the lake, their claimed “safe space” returns. They both don white clothing and can walk and dance on water.

Is this the afterlife? Did they commit suicide together? The film does not provide a concrete answer, but it wouldn’t be out of the possibility that this is how it all ended. Irene overcame the pressure of being the ballerina lead, and Aurora got the connection she so desperately needed. Together, their relationship gave them everything they wanted at that moment. And with the death of Norma, it wouldn’t be surprising that they chose to die together rather than living separately. Another theory could also suggest that the role of the lead ballerina has been cursed since Maria died. She committed suicide in the same way. 

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